‘Y’all deserve each other’: Woman who’s cheating on her boyfriend finds out he’s cheating on her, with the same person

‘Y’all deserve each other’: Woman who’s cheating on her boyfriend finds out he’s cheating on her, with the same person

One thing that often makes for a strong relationship is finding a partner who wants the same things in life as you. TikTok user Louisa and her boyfriend seem to have taken that advice a little too literally, though, when they both embarked on an affair… with the same person.

Yes, you read that right. Tiktoker Louisa Melcher stunned the app when she went viral for sharing her mind-addling adultery story. Louisa admitted that, last summer, she started cheating on her boyfriend (“bad, I know” she adds, by way of apology). One night, however, things took a surprising turn when she recognized her boyfriend’s retainer on her other partner’s nightstand.

“Long story short,” she wraps up, skipping over some juicy details we would love to know more about, “My bf and I realized we were cheating on each other WITH THE SAME PERSON.” I suppose the only thing to do in this situation is to laugh about it — at least if you’re these two mavericks — as Louisa added that both she and her boyfriend immediately saw the humorous side of the situation. “Our convo after was so funny, we were like welp great minds think alike, I guess.”

But, wait, the biggest surprise is yet to come. Louise ended her shocking story time with one last revelation: “We’re engaged now.”


And yes the other person knew we were together and never said anything. They were so real for that #relationship #cheating #engagement #birdsofafeather #billieeilish

♬ BIRDS OF A FEATHER – Billie Eilish

Honestly, whatever your opinions may be on the adulterous activities of Louisa and her now-fiancé, clearly these two have found the right person for them. In fact, much of TikTok seems hilariously glad that they have taken each other off the market. “Thank u [sic] for getting married to each other,” one wrote. “OMG y’all deserve each other,” someone else said, in a comment that’s dripping with double meaning.

Others were getting some serious deja vu from a recent trip to the movies. “I love Challengers,” they quipped. But, hey, we have to hand it to Louisa and her future husband, they have figured out the tricky equation that leads to happiness. “Red flag + red flag = soulmate,” as someone put it.

While they didn’t know it, this couple with matching tastes was basically in a polyamorous relationship, which is becoming more and more common across the U.S. In fact, one in nine people in the States have some experience with polyamory, which means it’s officially as common as having a graduate degree. Wait, can you get a degree in polyamory? Asking for a friend.

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