‘You clocked in just to clock her’: Woman tries to drown her neighbors in noise complaints, but her own misdeeds catch up to her

‘You clocked in just to clock her’: Woman tries to drown her neighbors in noise complaints, but her own misdeeds catch up to her

Working in property management can often feel like a glorified version of being a college RA. Noise complaints, fights among neighbors, and a total lack of respect from your residents remain consistent.

One property management worker took to TikTok to share an interaction that she had with a resident and people are praising the way she handled it.

A woman came in to lodge a complaint about her neighbors’ noise levels and to chew out the front desk for declining to do anything about the noise. Our hero gently reminded her of the quiet hours in the building and pointed out that the same neighbors had logged similar noise complaints against her and her dog who, by the way, wasn’t listed on her lease and should be.

The employee went on to tell this woman to put her dog in the system so that she could begin to pay pet fees. She also pointed out that this complaint feels like an attempt for this resident to retaliate against her neighbors, especially because each time they receive a complaint they go to the unit and never hear anything.

Management asked her to send video documentation for these noise complaints and she’d neglected to do so. The employee promised that if she comes back with proof, they may actually be able to help her.

To end the conversation she went ahead and asked for the name of the unlisted dog which the woman claimed was an emotional support animal. When she offered to charge her the ESA pet fee and the woman said there wasn’t one, she had all the ammunition she needed firing back with “Exactly, because there is no ESA.”

Commenters can’t get enough of the employee’s comebacks and they’re completely obsessed with how effortlessly she ended the resident using cold hard proof. People who actually have emotional service animals chimed in with their support saying that documentation is absolutely a step when moving into a new place. One viewer said she had to provide a letter from both her cardiologist and her therapist.

Several people suggested that she backlog all of the pet fees this woman wasn’t paying and give her a huge bill when she logs on to pay her rent or send in yet another complaint.

If there’s one thing that viewers learned from this whole exchange it’s if your building doesn’t know you have a pet, lay low, really low.

Oh, and never mess with a property management employee.

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