Who did Harry Jowsey date on ‘Perfect Match’ season 2?

Who did Harry Jowsey date on ‘Perfect Match’ season 2?

Harry Jowsey, known for his appearance on Too Hot To Handle season 1, has joined the Perfect Match season 2 cast. Initially, Harry wanted to participate in season 1 but couldn’t, as three(!) of his ex-girlfriends had already joined the villa. Now was the opportunity for the Australian native to get a second chance at love.

During a confessional interview on the dating series, Harry revealed he’s had an unpleasant relationship history with stars from the Netflix reality universe and struggled to find a partner that matched his requirements. However, in the villa, Harry instantly matched with Too Hot to Handle season 5 alum Elys Hutchinson.

The reality TV star admitted he was dating only to marry and was serious about settling down. Even though fans believed Harry was being truthful and genuinely wanted Elys to be his long-term girlfriend, the situation soon changed. When Harry’s relationship was put to the test and he was sent on a date with Love is Blind season 6 contestant Jessica Vestal, the Queensland resident was quick to switch sides.

Harry Jowsey dated Elys Hutchinson and Jessica Vestal on Perfect Match Season 2

In the Perfect Match season 2 premiere, viewers were introduced to new cast members, including Dominique and Xanthi. When these two single ladies saw Harry in the villa, they said warning other women about Jowsey was important. Dominique told the cameras that Harry has a reputation as a heartbreaker and most of his romantic relationships have ended on bad terms.

Later on the show, the Too Hot To Handle star stated that the Perfect Match season 1 winners broke up because of him. For viewers, this further confirmed that Harry hadn’t changed since his first debut. Meanwhile, others defended him as he wasn’t the only one who changed partners and matched with someone else on the show.

Initially, Harry and Elys were one of the strongest couples in the villa, they even got to play matchmakers in the board room. However, when Micah and Kaz won the compatibility challenge they decided to test Harry by sending him on a blind date. Jowsey wasn’t so excited about going on a date as he assumed one of his exes would appear on the show.

When Harry saw Jessica, the Netflix celebrity was sure he wanted to date her, which meant he had to break up with Elys. He explained to her former match that their connection felt “more like friendship.” Disappointed by his behavior, Elys chose to match with her friend Chris instead.

The finale of Perfect Match will determine whether Harry Jowsey’s relationship with Jessica Vestal lasted. The upcoming episode will air on Friday 21 Jun 2024.

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