Who is Lady Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth’s female counterpart?

Who is Lady Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth’s female counterpart?

The best movie of the year — dare I say decade — is nearly upon us, and anticipation for Deadpool & Wolverine couldn’t be higher.

Its reaches its absolute zenith in the mind of one We Got This Covered writer who’s been obsessing over this set of characters since long before she ever put pen to page. Decades of dedicated fandom are set to pay off with the mid-July release, after already providing me with ample opportunity to geek out about this longtime obsession via a variety of informative stories.

Stories about which characters we can expect to see, the wild capabilities of one Wade Wilson, and the strange directions we may glimpse when Deadpool 3 finally hits theaters. Among the lineup of characters both promised and potential are every member of the Deadpool Corps, of whom Lady Deadpool is easily premiere.

She is the organization’s de facto leader, after all, and serves through several comics as the Pool to Wade’s Dead. She’s tough and unforgiving, easily as murderously-minded as her male counterpart, and she actually manages to keep company around without locking them in the Box. She’s also set to see her MCU debut in Deadpool & Wolverine, introducing the world to this fringe but fabulous Marvel favorite.

Who is Lady Deadpool?

Image via Marvel Comics

Occasionally known as Chickpool but more commonly referred to as Lady Deadpool or Ladypool, Wanda Wilson is an alternate-reality version of Deadpool from Earth-3010. Her very first appearance came about in 2010’s Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7, and in the years since she’s cropped up on several occasions in various Deadpool releases.

Marvel gleefully describes Lady Deadpool as being “motivated by money, television, junk food, and sometimes love,” much like her male counterpart, but she’s in no way a rehash of Wade Wilson. Her fighting skills are on-par with the Earth-616 version we know and love, as are her durability, energy, and intelligence, but she’s a touch slower and less powerful than her male counterpart.

She’s also shares Wade’s regenerative abilities, along with his tenuous grasp on sanity. All those head injuries finally caught up to even the regenerating degenerates, leaving them more than a few marbles down. Starkly anti-government and just as fast-talking as any Deadpool in the multiverse, Wanda is the perfect leader for the red-suited Deadpool Corps, and soon to be the perfect addition to 2024’s supreme release: Deadpool & Wolverine.

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