‘Fight, flight, freeze, or profusely apologize’: Woman finds stranger in her car and apologizes to him for freaking out

‘Fight, flight, freeze, or profusely apologize’: Woman finds stranger in her car and apologizes to him for freaking out

It’s every woman’s nightmare to get in the car and find a man in the backseat. Most will hoot, holler, stab around, and throw their heavy bag at the potential threat before safely driving home, albeit a little shaken.

It might be an irrational fear, but according to Kelsey Ann’s video on TikTok, it may also be more likely than you think. And your response may not be what you expect.

Kelsey left her house one morning to find a stranger in the car. Not only in her car but in her driver’s seat. Naturally, she screamed for several seconds but then did something unexpected: she started apologizing to him for startling her.

When he finally got out she begged him, very politely, with multiple “pleases”, to never get in her car ever again.

One viewer joked that in the case of fight or flight, she chose a mysterious third option: extreme politeness. Commenters are laughing at her relatability and hilarious reaction to panic. Between begging him never to break into her car again and asking him to promise that he won’t— not to mention the blood-curdling screams when she discovered him — the whole interaction was hilarious, at least to an outside viewer. Kelsey probably didn’t find the incident quite as amusing.

Kelsey even posted the footage of the man stumbling into her car in the middle of the night.

Based on the footage, viewers agree he was probably a little lost and very drunk, just stumbling into her car to take a nap. However, a couple of people pointed out that with the ease and knowledge with which he slipped into Kelsey’s car, it may have been a frequent sleeping spot for him on drunken nights.

The moral of the story here, and the best way to avoid getting into a situation like Kelsey’s, is to remember to lock your car. Something that Kelsey will never forget again.


Replying to @Sam Mullings double clicking the lock from here on out

♬ original sound – Kelsey Ann

She did confirm that she called the police after the incident but decided not to press charges. Maybe because she made the intruder pinkie promise never to return to that particular sleeping location.

Let this serve as your reminder to always, always, always lock your car. No matter where you are or how safe you feel, you never know who might want to slide in, take a nap, and forget to wake up before you find them. And that’s never a good way to start your morning.

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