8 ‘Bachelorette’ contestants who definitely aren’t going to end up with Jenn Tran

8 ‘Bachelorette’ contestants who definitely aren’t going to end up with Jenn Tran

According to Jenn Tran herself, the first Asian-American lead in franchise history, season 21 of The Bachelorette is sure to be a season like no other, telling Entertainment Tonight that she will be “breaking the mold” from start to finish. As soon as her cast list was announced, we could already see why — some of these men are truly one of a kind (for better or for worse)!

While the cast list features some serious hunks (such as my personal favorites, Brett Harris and Jahaan Ansari), there are definitely some suitors who will not end up with Jenn based on their location, their occupation, differences in hobbies and interests, and more. From a man admittedly addicted to Botox, to a man who cosplays as Flynn Rider (yes, you read that right) and beyond, keep scrolling for eight men we believe will get the early boot on The Bachelorette season 21 and why.

Brendan Barnum

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While Jenn admitted in the past that she is looking for an adventurous man as the Bachelorette, Brendan Barnum might be a bit too adventurous for the New Jersey native. The 30-year-old real estate broker told ABC that he is “obsessed with skydiving,” “always picks dare over truth” and “may or may not have successfully snuck into Coachella” in the past — how wild is that? Unless Jenn is down for all of these wild activities and more, as well as potentially relocating to his hometown of Vancouver, Canada, we do not see this relationship lasting long into season 21 of The Bachelorette.

Tomas Azzano

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Just like Brendan, Tomas Azzano is also from Canada, residing in Toronto instead. Admitting to ABC that he enjoys activities like ice skating and dreams of “snowboarding in the Swiss Alps,” the 27-year-old physiotherapist might have interests that are just too different from Jenn, especially due to the fact that she lives by the beach in Miami, Florida. After all, would she really relocate to Canada and take up ice skating and snowboarding, should she have a spark with Tomas on The Bachelorette? Signs point to no…

Brian Autz

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Coming in at 33 years old, Brian Autz is one of the oldest contestants on The Bachelorette season 21. With his age aside, his career might be a turn-off for women all across the globe (myself included), working as an aesthetics consultant in Northport, New York. Telling ABC that he “loves Botox and doesn’t care who knows it” might raise a red flag in the Bachelorette herself, as Jenn appears to be a rather natural-looking lady who does not need Botox to be beautiful.

After all, why is he so passionate about plastic surgery anyways? Lots and lots of red flags are stemming from Brian so far…

Dylan Buckor

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Currently serving as a medical student in Elk Grove, California, Dylan Buckor seems like a real stud on paper, admitting to ABC that he is “a big fan of wine-and-painting date nights” and more — how romantic is that? Unfortunately, there is just one aspect of Dylan that raises some eyebrows, and that is the fact that he is only 24 years old. Not only is he far too young for Jenn, but we cannot help but wonder whether or not he is really ready for an engagement at the end of The Bachelorette season 21, let alone a marriage. After 20 seasons of the hit competition show, stop signing up if you are unready and unwilling to get married (Peter Kraus, we’re talking to you)!

Hakeem Moulton

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Two major red flags were raised after reading about Hakeem Moulton, a 29-year-old medical device salesman from Schaumburg, Illinois, in his Bachelorette biography. First and foremost, “he spent over $5,000 on a dating coach,” which seems super calculated to me, especially heading into The Bachelorette season 21 — being yourself is the best way to find love, Hakeem!

Second of all, he admitted to ABC that he has “gone on a picnic date in a cemetery” in the past — how spooky is that? I don’t know if Jenn is on the same page (I sure hope that she is), but you can count me out on that date…

Marvin Goodly

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As of right now, it is unclear whether or not Jenn likes the finer things in life, but Marvin Goodly’s lifestyle might just be too luxurious for the 26-year-old. Working as a luxury event planner in Orangeburg, South Carolina, it seems like Marvin might be all about the glitz and glam, telling ABC that he “dreams of buying a beachside mansion in Malibu.” While this is something that individuals all across the globe dream of, whether or not being rich is of the utmost priority to Marvin is still up for debate, leaving us to wonder whether or not he is really here for the right reasons (in true Bachelorette fashion).

Ricky Marinez

Ricky Marinez sounds like a serious catch, but is Jenn really looking to date her twin? Both living in Miami, Florida, working in the medical field, being bilingual and beyond, the 28-year-old might sound like the perfect match for the Bachelorette herself, but we are here to argue that they are far too alike. As attractive as he might be and as amazing as he might sound on paper, opposites attract, and Ricky definitely does not fit the bill.

Sam Nejad

Last but certainly not least, Sam Nejad, a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Carlsbad, California, sounds like he could be a 10 out of 10, but it looks like he is hiding a major secret. Telling ABC that he is “a huge prankster” and “enjoys listening to Elvis Presley’s love songs,” Sam failed to mention one of his most frequent past times, which is cosplaying as Flynn Rider (or should we say Eugene Fitzherbert) from Tangled on TikTok, amassing a whopping 273.7k followers. If his smolder was enough to give us the ick after watching just one video, we can only imagine how Jenn felt while filming The Bachelorette season 21 — yikes!

While these eight men might find themselves unlucky in love, there are definitely some hidden gems on The Bachelorette season 21 cast list, leaving fans of the Bachelor franchise with just one burning question: who will ultimately steal Jenn’s heart in the end? To find out for yourself, catch brand new episodes of  each and every Monday on ABC, beginning with the premiere on July 8.

Based on what has been spoiled by Reality Steve so far (the finalists, the hometown dates, the group dates and more), the season is sure to be nothing short of spectacular!

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