‘Disney, you heard her’: Woman gets her wisdom teeth out and ends up so high she records spectacularly demented Disney audition

‘Disney, you heard her’: Woman gets her wisdom teeth out and ends up so high she records spectacularly demented Disney audition

One of the best genres of video on the internet has to be those post-wisdom teeth removal ones. The things people say while under the influence of anesthesia can oftentimes be some of the most hilarious stuff you’ll ever hear.

TikTok is filled with tons of content from the hilarious to the more dramatic. In this case, a woman recorded a very passionate audition to join the ranks of Disney princesses on the way back from the dentist. In the video posted by Kenedi, we see her sat in the back of a car, already in the grip of the anesthesia, with cotton in her mouth and ice packs stuck to the side of her face asking Disney to let her be Rapunzel.

To be fair, “asking” might be the wrong word here, it’s more of a threat as she stares into the camera and addresses the studio directly, “Disney. If you don’t hire me for Rapunzel I’m gonna be really sad.” So it’s pretty clear what must be done now — we need to get her a job as Rapunzel at the nearest Disneyland.

Personally, I always wanted to be Buzz Lightyear, and I often send videos directly to Disney begging them to hire me. They have yet to respond, but don’t worry, I shall persevere. Anyways, it’s clear that there is no better candidate for the role of Rapunzel than Kenedi, and you can clearly see it means a lot to her — in fact, I don’t even think that’s the anesthesia making her emotional, she’s really just that passionate about the role.

From off camera, her friend can be heard warning her to stop talking so she doesn’t hurt herself (clearly she’s just trying to sabotage this perfect audition). She even tries to distract her by suggesting they watch the Dolan twins, a pretty good call with which even the commenters agreed (on a side note, what are the Dolan twins even up to these days)?

We’re even treated to a second video, which is even funnier. Still sitting in the back of the car, Kenedi is helped by her mom, who takes out the cotton pads from her mouth. Honestly, the whole thing is chaotic but hilarious, as Kenedi goes from verbal diarrhea to a completely silent thousand yard stare, and then back to non-stop talking.


Part 2 of me being an actual psycho after getting my wisdom teeth out #wisdomteeth #funny #wisdomteethremoval #comedy

♬ original sound – Kenedi

That must have been some pretty strong anesthetic, as some viewers have claimed it’s on a “whole other level,” while some have proclaimed the videos to be “the best series of wisdom teeth removal” they have ever seen. So, to conclude, I think we definitely need to see Kenedi as Rapunzel, and bonus points if she plays it the same way she’s acting here; it would be a bold new take on the character, and I reckon it would bring in millions for Disney.

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