‘Summer House’ Season 8 Reunion: Why Did Ciara and West Break Up?

‘Summer House’ Season 8 Reunion: Why Did Ciara and West Break Up?

Now that Summer House season 8 has officially concluded, the Bravo show fans are curious to discover what happened after the cameras stopped rolling. Since season 8 first premiered in February 2024, it has given the audience an aerial view into the complicated relationships and dynamic shifts in friendships between the cast members.

One of the ‘It’ couples this season was West Wilson and Ciara Miller who started off strong but later things didn’t go as planned. Fans had high hopes and expected a friends-to-lovers transition from the two love birds. Back in episode 3, West openly admitted to having a crush on Ciara, and in the next episode, they went on their first date.

As viewers, we thought the Summer House couple was having a great time together and building a strong connection but the situation escalated too quickly. The off-camera drama and explosive breakup led to Ciara and West having “no contact”, as revealed in the reunion episode part 1, aired on Jun 6, 2024.

Summer House season 8 contestant Ciara accused West of having commitment issues

Ciara Miller detailed her relationship timeline with West Wilson and explained what went down with them. She told Bravo show host Andy Cohen that the two got close to each other in a short period of time. Soon, West introduced Ciara to his parents and took her to his brother’s wedding.

West’s actions proved that he was ready for commitment and was serious about pursuing a long-term relationship with his girlfriend. As per Miller’s claim, Wilson’s behavior changed when he started viewing himself as “Ciara’s puppet” and was struggling to navigate their new bond. West shared it was difficult for him to focus on their connection when their personal moments were being documented on camera.

Later, the Summer House newbie shut down West’s excuses and accused him of playing with her feelings. Miller claimed West wanted to “latch onto someone” for “clout” as he wanted people to stop asking him about his dating life hence the easy way out was to date her. Ciara explained:

 I stopped talking to you altogether,” Ciara noted. “Because I think that’s mean to take someone to your parents’ house and want to sleep with them when you have no intention of doing anything.”

She questioned his intentions about pursuing her romantically and said that West wasn’t all in. According to Miller, West knew all along he was going to lead her, meanwhile, West was offended by this accusation, he said:

It’s a little offensive to question my sincerity. I think our relationship was what it was. I had feelings, you had feelings. Like, that wasn’t fake.”

Upon hearing this, Summer House fans were shocked at this revelation as most weren’t aware of West’s “bad boy” reputation. However, a few of them were conflicted about who to believe after West mentioned his feelings were genuine throughout the relationship.

More tea will be spilled on the upcoming reunion part 2 episode set to release on 13 Jun 2024. This episode will be full of confrontations and confessions and will further highlight the West-Miller drama, where the two exes stand now and whether they want to rekindle their friendship and get back on speaking terms.

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