Donald’s ‘Trump Force 47’ ad is here and it’s giving ‘World War II had a baby with Star Command’

Donald’s ‘Trump Force 47’ ad is here and it’s giving ‘World War II had a baby with Star Command’

After a rough first half to 2024, Donald Trump’s election campaign is in full swing and an ad for his latest project is something straight out of a sci-fi dystopia.

With a number of unsuccessful rallies already under his belt, the convicted felon is now encouraging his supporters to join a project known as ‘Trump Force 47.’ Posting to his X/Twitter knock-off: Truth Social, Trump called upon ordinary American citizens to enlist and essentially do the work for him. The ad features a pic of the former president saluting along with a list of responsibilities for anyone foolish enough to sign up and trust me when I say, it’s quite the commitment.

Donald Trump is pulling out all the stops

Obviously the MAGA lot are eating this up, but then again, Truth Social is literally just an echo chamber for the Trump cult. Even some of his criminal buddies like Steve Bannon are hopping on board to promote the ‘grassroots’ movement with the hopes of unifying and winning on November 5th. 

Grassroots Volunteers Must Self Govern And NO WHINING on the War Room


Trump Force 47 is the official army of volunteer neighborhood organizers working together to defeat Joe Biden and the Far Left Liberal democrats


— Culture War (@CultureWar2020) June 5, 2024

The language being used and the attempt at appealing to people’s patriotism makes it sound like the US is at war, Trump seems to think he’s on some kind of World War II propaganda poster, or better yet, a part of Star Command (I always knew Buzz Lightyear was a Republican). The whole thing is also has a totalitarian feel – like a real life version of Gilead straight out of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Stuff like this only serves to further divide the nation and stoke hatred between voters. It pretty much just proves the fact that Trump aims to win by any means necessary. Anyways, if you are somehow interested in joining ‘Trump Force 47’ then you’d best be ready to fully invest yourself in helping out. The list includes:

Attending an hour long training session

Visiting 10 targeted voters in your neighborhood

Registering them for an absentee/mail ballot or securing their pledge to vote early

And what would you get for doing all of this you may ask? Well, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you have done your part to ‘save America,’ you lucky son of a gun. This kind of sounds like a cult if you ask me. Also, does anyone remember how much Trump whined about the mail ballots being fraudulent back in 2020, when he lost? Now all of a sudden it’s okay and his followers are being encouraged to register others to vote by mail – I thought they couldn’t be trusted, right Donald?

The whole thing just reeks of Trump’s brand of overly patriotic propaganda with an overbearing stench of desperation thrown in for good measure. Even the name ‘Trump Force,’ seems like something you’d hear in some dystopian thriller. But unfortunately this isn’t fiction, it’s not Gilead or Panem, this is the real world.

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