‘She had that much animosity toward me’: ‘Summer House’ star West Wilson spills the tea on his relationship with Ciara Miller

‘She had that much animosity toward me’: ‘Summer House’ star West Wilson spills the tea on his relationship with Ciara Miller

The Summer House season 8 reunion part 1 took a dramatic turn when cast member Ciara Miller confronted her ex-boyfriend West Wilson in front of everyone. Viewers could see this coming from a mile away but even they were surprised at Miller’s transparency.

Looking from a third-person lens, fans could sense the tension between the two exes and wanted to know the reason behind their abrupt breakup. As per Ciara’s claims, West had no intentions of committing to her and was only using her for “clout.” She also said he was intentionally playing with her feelings and faked being serious about their relationship.

Upon hearing this, West defended himself explaining that he was sincere while they were dating and there was no ulterior motive behind his actions. In a conversation with Vulture on 6 Jun 2024, West shared he was not expecting Ciara’s reaction to be that huge at the reunion, especially when the “breakup felt more mutual” since the last time they talked.

West defends himself at the Summer House reunion after Ciara questions his intentions

After West and Ciara parted ways in December 2023, the two decided not to stay in contact mutually as per West’s claim. He explained that they both had a mature conversation and decided to move on, but it didn’t seem that way at the reunion. West told the interviewer:

We agreed on a lot of things, and it was emotional but it didn’t feel like she had that much animosity toward me. You never want to see someone who you care about get their feelings hurt, but that’s not how I thought it played out in real life at all.”

The Summer House star admitted he couldn’t explain himself and word sentences correctly during the reunion which made the situation even worse. One by one he clarified what went wrong in their relationship. As Ciara Miller mentioned West introduced her to his parents, and the two even attended a wedding together.

This gave Ciara the wrong impression that her boyfriend was serious about her, meanwhile for West, it wasn’t that big of a deal. It was a “casual and fun” thing for him to attend family events with his girlfriends, he didn’t pay much attention to Ciara considering it a milestone in their relationship. West however realized his mistake:

This was a lesson: You can’t just be casual about sh*t like that when an entire other person is on the other side of it.”

Additionally, West shared how pursuing a love prospect while filming affected him. For the longest time, he struggled to “coexist” with dating both in real life and off camera, and eventually the line between the two blurred. Another factor was the online hate on social media and the overall impression about the Summer House cast member being under an “umbrella of another person.”

He concluded the interview by stating he never got the chance to narrate the breakup from his point of view however now he wants to move on. He has no intentions of starting a beef with Ciara and understands that her feelings were hurt because of him.

Viewers will see more of the Miller-Wilson drama on Summer House Reunion Part 2, set to release exclusively on Bravo on 13 Jun 2024.

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