When and where was ‘Perfect Match’ season 2 filmed?

When and where was ‘Perfect Match’ season 2 filmed?

It feels like we have been waiting a lifetime for season 2 of Perfect Match to premiere on Netflix, and after doing quite a bit of internet sleuthing, chances are the show’s stars think so as well…

Hosted by Nick Lachey, Perfect Match captivated reality TV lovers all across America with its first season, bringing “single stars from a handful of Netflix’s hottest unscripted series venture to a tropical paradise on a quest for true love.” Now, with the first few episodes of season 2 of Perfect Match available to stream via Netflix after months and months of anticipation, dozens of questions have come up about the timeline of the show, its filming location, and more.

Fortunately, we got you covered on all things Perfect Match. To find out when and where season 2 was filmed, just keep scrolling…

When was Perfect Match season 2 filmed?

Image via Netflix

While Netflix has not revealed when season 2 of Perfect Match actually filmed, comments made within the show — as well as comments made by reality TV bloggers via social media — can paint a picture as to when our favorite Netflix stars were actually in the villa.

Based on a series of evidence, it is assumed that season 2 of Perfect Match filmed in the summer of 2023. In the first episode, the girls mentioned that Too Hot to Handle stars Harry Jowsey and Georgia Hassarati had just gone public with their breakup, which occurred in June of 2023. Similarly, reality TV blogger Zachary Reality took to X (formerly known as Twitter) on August 15 to share that “Perfect Match season 2 started filming today in Mexico. I know Micah is for sure there. #PerfectMatch.”

Because of this, we can only assume that the filming occurred sometime in the summer of 2023, however, the exact dates and duration of time that these Netflix stars were sequestered while filming season 2 of Perfect Match is still unknown.

Where was Perfect Match season 2 filmed?

Image via Netflix

Although the first season of Perfect Match was filmed in Playa Bonita, Panama, the second season was filmed in Tulum, Mexico. While Lachey disclosed this information in the premiere episode of Perfect Match, fans of the franchise had already done some internet sleuthing to figure out the filming location.

Seemingly shortly after filming came to a close, Too Hot to Handle stars Harry Jowsey, Stevan Ditter, Nigel Jones, Elys Hutchinson, Holly Scarfone, and more of the season 2 cast shared some photos from Tulum via social media. Screenshotting the Instagram stories and sharing them via Reddit, @rjayvea was able to conclude that these individuals were not only a part of the season 2 cast, but also filming in Tulum, Mexico, as some contestants even tagged their location on their Instagram posts.

With the timing of these Instagram posts, we are also able to double down on the theory that season 2 of Perfect Match was filmed in the summer of 2023. Next time, these Netflix stars have to be sneakier if they want to keep the show under wraps until the premiere!

Nonetheless, the first few episodes of Perfect Match have produced four strong couples so far — Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal, Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri, Chris Hahn and Tolú Ekundare, and Justin Assada and Elys Hutchinson — as well as one couple that is currently on the rocks after Holly Scarfone entered the villa: Kaz Bishop and Micah Lussier. With four episodes remaining in the hit competition show — three to come on Friday (June 14) and the finale to come on the following Friday (June 21) — will any of these couples be deemed the “perfect match” in the end?

Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure. As of right now, we will just have to wait and see what the future holds…

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