‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ twist confirms Taylor Swift is the MCU’s new Andrew Garfield

‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ twist confirms Taylor Swift is the MCU’s new Andrew Garfield

Well, that’s the end of that dream. After months and months of manic speculation, it’s being reported that Taylor Swift is not in Deadpool & Wolverine, after all. This confirmation is coming our way via Entertainment Weekly, and we have no choice but to believe a respectable publication like that, right?

You know, just like how we 100%, absolutely, positively trusted Andrew Garfield when he swore first-hand that he wasn’t in Spider-Man: No Way Home. And it’s not like he turned out to be lying through his beautiful, perfect teeth, was it? Or that all his claims that he was “not the werewolf” were just a lot of hot air intended to conceal an exciting cameo in a Marvel blockbuster?

Yes, it’s just possible there’s a new werewolf in town, and this time it’s Taylor Swift.

Is Marvel attempting to cover up Taylor Swift’s Deadpool 3 cameo or are we just fooling ourselves?

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The curious thing about EW‘s article denying Taylor’s involvement in Deadpool & Wolverine is that it offers no further information other than a brief dismissal of the rumors. A quick “sorry, she’s not in it, guys… Anyway,” without any further information on how this scoop has been ascertained. There’s nary even a mention of the trust old “insider sources.”

Having been bitten (by a werewolf) once before, Marvel fans are hesitant to trust this report at face value, then, and many are of the belief that Marvel is attempting to keep a lid on Swift’s actual cameo, much like the studio was trying to preserve the surprise about Garfield’s Spidey return back in 2021.

Taylor Swift is confirmed to not be in Deadpool & Wolverine the same way Andrew Garfield confirmed he wasn’t in Spider-Man: No Way Home

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— BLURAYANGEL (@blurayangel) June 10, 2024

It’s certainly curious that this “confirmation” is coming just days after a new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer debuted a glimpse at Lady Deadpool, a character many think could be played by the Tortured Poets Department singer. Did Marvel not anticipate social media detectives linking that character to Swift so quickly and are now attempting some (department of) damage control?

Then there’s the new IMAX poster to think about, which doubles down on the running marketing motif of Wade and Logan’s best friend bracelets — which isn’t just a Swifty signature, Blake Lively was even wearing the bracelets at the Super Bowl… alongside Taylor. The thing is, there’s been so much evidence connecting Taylor to the film at this point that it makes the denial seem as insignificant as a lone person shouting in the middle of an Eras Tour concert.

Honestly, whether we believe this supposedly official announcement or not is besides the point, as it’s likely that Marvel wins either way. Just like all the hubbub around Garfield being Schrodinger’s Spider-Man, the interest in Taylor Swift’s potential Deadpool & Wolverine role has ensured an ever-growing audience are growing more and more anticipated to see this movie as soon as possible, in the hopes of glimpsing the global superstar’s introduction into the MCU.

Taylor doesn’t even have to be in the movie, but she’s already the Andrew Garfield of Deadpool 3. Of course, if Andrew himself also turns up in this film then Marvel fans may never recover.

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