Underrated superhero anime ‘SHY’ airing sooner than fans expected

Underrated superhero anime ‘SHY’ airing sooner than fans expected

Amid smash-hit superhero shonen anime like My Hero Academia and One-Punch Man, it can be difficult for newer series to stand out and secure a second season. However, for fans of the Fall 2023 series SHY, the socially anxious superhero is returning sooner than the anime community originally suspected.

SHY is centered in an alternate reality where individuals with superhuman abilities have begun appearing worldwide. These freshly dubbed heroes dress in flashy costumes and have become symbols for the nations they represent. One of which, Teru Momijiyama – aka Shy – is Japan’s representative hero. Despite being shy and overwhelmingly timid, Shy always rises to the occasion to do the right thing.

What day will SHY season 2 begin airing?

For fans of Japan’s timid representative hero, they can finally see Shy’s big return on July 1, 2024. The second season of the series will be airing just in time to kick off the Summer 2024 Anime season alongside other heavy-hitters like Oshi no Ko season 2, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, and Suicide Squad Isekai.

While there’s been no confirmation for how many episodes SHY season 2 will have, new and returning fans can get caught up on the series on Crunchyroll ahead of its official release date.

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