How many episodes of ‘Bridgerton’ season 3 part 2 are there?

How many episodes of ‘Bridgerton’ season 3 part 2 are there?

Bridgerton has been a total hit since its December 2020 premiere date on Netflix. While television that year was all about reality shows like Tiger King and Love Is Blind, Bridgerton told such a fascinating story that it was clearly meant to stick around. Now we want to know how many episodes we can expect to see in the second half of season 3.

Adapted from the book series by Julia Quinn, Bridgerton has given us more addictive romance than fans could ever hope for, and season 3 has delivered on continuing that legacy by exploring a fan-favorite couple. So, how many episodes are going to be in part 2 of Bridgerton season 3?

What is the Bridgerton season 3 part 2 episode count?

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Bridgerton season 3 part 2 will have four episodes. We all likely have June 13, 2024 circled in our calendars (okay, we’ve committed the date to memory) because that’s when we’ll get to watch the final half of the season. While TV fans are always split on getting a two-part season, with some preferring a slower pace and others wanting to binge the entire season, it’s tough not to agree that this has made watching season 3 even more fun.

Considering the dramatic and intimate moment Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) shared at the conclusion of Bridgerton season 3, episode 4, part 2 is going to focus on the next step in the iconic couple’s relationship.

In an interview with Deadline, Luke Newton shared that he’s as big a fan of Penelope and Colin’s relationship as everyone else. He said that they’re unique: “They’re not these stoic romantic leads that we’ve seen in Regency dramas throughout the years.”

We might not be as surprised by Bridgerton season 3 as we hoped, but everyone still wants to see the final four episodes as soon as possible (and we want season 4 now, right?)

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