‘Oshi no Ko’ drops stunning new season 2 teaser as manga enters its final arc

‘Oshi no Ko’ drops stunning new season 2 teaser as manga enters its final arc

One of the most groundbreaking anime of the last decade, Oshi no Ko, is returning for season 2 this summer – just as the original manga by Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari announced that the series is entering its final story arc.

Amid anxious excitement to see how the manga will end, studio Doga Koba dropped a brand-new trailer for season 2 of the anime, showing off which story beats the adaptations latest installment will cover. The two announcements couldn’t have come at a better time for fans of the series, and has quickly reignited the virality that season 1 garnered.

What the new trailer means for season 2, and the series’ future

Ahead of its July 3, 2024 release date, the new trailer for Oshi no Ko season 2 is filled with vibrant colors and nods to key moments in the story. At a glance, the new trailer confirms that season 2 will put a heavy emphasis on the “2.5D Stage Play arc,” which begins to delve deeper into Aqua’s search for his mother’s killer. There’s still fan speculation surrounding whether the anime will manage to adapt the “Private arc” or not in season 2, but there is no confirmation yet.

Of course, right as this new trailer was unveiled, Shueisha has officially announced that Oshi no Ko is entering its final story arc. Writer and series creator Aka Akasaka has yet to confirm how long the final arc will be, but the series has quite a bit of ground to cover and a number of loose ends begging to be tied before it finishes serialization.

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