Is there a ‘Panchayat’ season 4 release date?

Is there a ‘Panchayat’ season 4 release date?

The Panchayat season 3 finale has left fans with raging questions about the series’ future, leaving them wondering about the attack on Pradhan Ji and Abhishek’s entry into IIM. Do we know when will we see them next?

Among the eight new Indian originals announced by Amazon Prime Video in Jan. 2020, Panchayat emerged as a surprising hit. The comedy-drama chronicling the life of an engineering graduate has resonated greatly with Indian viewers, but its critical appraises can be heard internationally. The series premiered its first season in April 2020 with all eight episodes dropping at once on Amazon Prime Video.

With its accurate portrayal of village life, customs, and struggles, the show depicts the actual character of rural India, something that Indian fans frequently perceive to be misrepresented in American films. The lead character of the series, Abhishek Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar), embodies the shared challenges of numerous young Indians who must adjust to unforeseen life situations as a result of the nation’s crippling unemployment problem.

Despite being an urban engineering graduate, Tripathi reluctantly takes up a job as a secretary in a rural village panchayat. The drama unfolds as viewers follow along on his journey of finding his place in an unfamiliar setting—a theme that’s engaging regardless of geographical boundaries. With a masterful production by TVF (The Viral Fever), which is known for its high-quality web content, the series became an instant hit and recently debuted its third season in May 2024.

For fans sweating about the series’ renewal, Panchayat will return to the screens with a fourth season to continue the story, as confirmed by the show’s creator Deepak Kumar Mishra. After the intense and gripping finale to season 3, fans are eager for the next season to land on the Prime Video library as soon as possible. But is it happening anytime soon?

Panchayat season 4 release date

Director Deepak Kumar Mishra confirmed that “there are at least two more seasons in the pipeline for the popular comedy-drama series” in an interview with the Press Trust of India. Along with the exciting announcement, Mishra also revealed that the team has already started working on the fourth season, hinting that the season might come sooner than expected.

However, Amazon Prime Video has not yet confirmed a release date for Panchayat season 4, given that season 3 only ended recently in May. But if we have to speculate a date, the series seems to follow a fixed trend for its release. After season 1 premiered in April 2020, the second season took almost two years to hit the screens in May 2022. Season 3 also followed the same pattern and came to Amazon Prime Video exactly two years later in May 2024.

With the running pattern, Panchayat season 4 could comfortably premiere in the second quarter of 2026. If the production goes smoothly and quicker than expected, fans may be able to catch what happens next in Tripathi’s life sometime in late 2025.

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