‘This is elite sisterhood behavior’: Man discovers sisters from different misters communicating through elevator notes

‘This is elite sisterhood behavior’: Man discovers sisters from different misters communicating through elevator notes

American comedian John Crist has gone viral on TikTok after making a heartwarming discovery in an elevator. The entertainer, who has more than 2 million followers on the popular platform, uploaded the video in which he described his experience alongside a picture of his find.

Crist was in the elevator on his way to the dentist the morning he posted the video. He found a note taped to its wall asking, “Were you on the elevator around 9.30 this morning?”

The full text that followed read like this:

I got on the elevator at 9.40 and it smelled AMAZING in here! I love my current perfume, (seriously, it’s great — Gaultier Divine — and I get compliments all the time), but this was stop-you-in-your-tracks-and-go-write-up-a-public-service-announcement-good!

I am hoping this note reaches the wearer and that she will share the name…

It was followed with a smiley face, and a pencil was attached to the note so the person referred to in the text could quickly write the name of her perfume at the bottom if they ever found the note.

Rather remarkably, the nice-smelling elevator passenger read the note and kindly wrote which perfume she’d been wearing: “BYREDO — MOJAVE GHOST!!!”

Crist, however, wasn’t sure what to make of the whole thing and asked his followers whether leaving the note (and replying to it) was “Insane or normal?” As to be expected, TikTok responded accordingly.

How did the TikTok community respond?

A user named H.K.Sheikh was quick to respond, writing: “Respectfully, sir, this is elite sisterhood behavior, and I am now dying to smell Mojave ghost perfume.” KatieLouWho replied: “Totally a sisterhood thing. Normal. A bar women’s bathroom would blow your mind.” Someone called cgwgmgm agreed more concisely, saying, “This is peak sisterhood.”

Jen was baffled by Crist’s question, stating, “Uhh not insane at all? This is one of the best compliments you can get. I loooove it when other women are obsessed about my perfume. And I just ordered the Byredo sampler pack after this.”

Erin Branscome had complimentary words for the person who wrote the note and replied: “omg she INCLUDED A PENCIL?!?! 100% awesome. I love women.” Ren greed, replying, “what an icon and included a pencil. a true sister.”

Someone named portialshere was a little more scathing of Crist’s question. They wrote, “Men live on islands of loneliness because they choose to.” Jess shared similar sentiments, saying, “No dude. You don’t understand. Us women live for these moments to help a sister out and/or be helped ourselves!”

Other users shared similar experiences they’d had, with Kelly Fitz recalling “Nah I once stopped a woman in a grocery store bc she smelled so good and she had the bottle in her bag and offered me a spritz,” Cl writing, “Sir, I told a woman she smelled good and she pulled out two brand new bottles out her bag, gifting me the two perfume oils layered that day,” and BeetleJes saying, “We spend sometimes DECADES trying to find our signature scent. I am actually still waiting to run into my childhood friend’s mom to ask what she used to wear back when I was 12. I’ll be 39 soon…”

Needless to say, the female-dominated response was universally in favor of the events described in Crist’s TikTok. Parcelmisc even wrote, “The wildest thing about all of this was your reaction to it” — and they’re not wrong.

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