The 10 worst episodes of ‘Hoarders,’ ranked

The 10 worst episodes of ‘Hoarders,’ ranked

The TV show Hoarders can be an intensely difficult watch. Not only does it conduct a deep dive on the psychological issues behind hoarding, but it can also be just plain disgusting going through a house that hasn’t been cleaned in decades. Some episodes are so disturbing that you’ll maybe wish you never saw them, so let’s take a look at the 10 worst ones.

There are some really worthy episodes to choose from. Some are about hundreds of dead animals while others are chock full of human waste, that’s built up over decades. Others still have cockroaches and spiders as constant companions. It feels like you can smell some of these episodes from the TV.

Almost every nightmare scenario has been covered over the years. It’s not easy to pick the worst, if only because there’s so many to choose from. That’s doesn’t mean we’re not going to try, however. Buckle up and cover your nose, we’re going in!

10. Season 13, Episode 5 – “Carmen”

Carmen had a pretty bad go of it. Her husband died then she hurt her neck really bad and lost her job. That stress led to compulsive hoarding that got so out of hand she stopped trying, filling her house with trash, no plumbing and lots and lots of bugs.

9. Season 6, Episode 3 – “Alvin”

Alvin’s home os so packed to the brim with junk that the only place he could live was in his bathroom. His mother also hurt herself trying to navigate the mounds of junk everywhere, forcing her to be confined to a wheelchair, in a house with no room to maneuver. Sad and gross all around.

8. Season 6, Episode 10 – “Jan”

What can you do when someone is combative and in deep denial of her circumstances? Jan is absolutely one of the most fascinating characters because she really is under the impression that everything is fine, and she lashes out violently at anyone who challenges that.

7. Season 13, Episode 2 – “Tiffany”

Tiffany has one of the biggest hoards ever, even more impressive considering she’s a little person. What’s so interesting about Tiffany’s problem is it’s a generational one. Tiffany’s parents were hoarders and she didn’t want to throw anything out after they died.

6. Season 10, Episode 3 – “Linda”

Linda used to be a beauty queen and honestly this is one of the worst hoards of all time. Linda’s house was packed with garbage and detritus and her dog would just poop all over the floor with no one to clean it up. This meant hundreds of cockroaches and rats and feces-covered items.

5. Season 5, Episode 11 – “Constance”

Constance the chicken farmer lived in a trailer with so much random junk she couldn’t even move. Even worse? Chickens were literally pooping on everything and also laying eggs, which would rot and contribute to the already filthy environment.

4. Season 6, Episode 6 – “Carla”

Carla’s three failed marriages meant three whole homes full of junk. One of the houses was basically just a home for mice. It really is an impressive amount of junk she’s packed into her life. One of those episodes that’ll keep your jaw to the floor the whole time.

3. Season 3, Episode 20 – “Glen”

Glen. Oh, Glen. We talk a lot about critters on Hoarders, but to Glen, they’re pets. He had somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,500 rats just living with him in his home. So many that sometimes it was hard to see the floor. He didn’t want to clean because he didn’t want to kill any of them. It’s pretty wild to see.

2. Season 6, Episode 8 – “Terry”

Why is Terry second on the list? One word. Cats. Well, that doesn’t tell the story at all. Let’s elaborate here: dead cats in the freezer. Dozens and dozens of them. Also, 50 alive cats in the house. This means her house was just basically a huge little box. Imagine the smell. Woof.

1. Season 6, Episode 4 – “Shanna”

This is an episode that will actively make you gag. The bodily function quotient of this episode, the absolute filth and dear God, her poop bucket, make this one of the most uncomfortable and gross things ever shown on TV. Don’t eat anything before you watch this one.

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