Thieves on e-scooters steal ancient gold jewellery

Thieves on e-scooters steal ancient gold jewellery

British police are hunting two people over the theft of gold jewellery dating back 3000 years from a museum.

The Bronze Age objects – a gold torc and a gold bracelet – were stolen during a break-in at Ely Museum, Cambridgeshire, in eastern England, on Tuesday, the BBC reports.

CCTV footage released by police shows two people entering the museum through a window before dashing past a security camera.

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Detective Inspector Kiri Mazur said officers were looking for two suspects on e-scooters who are believed to be involved in the burglary.

“The theft of these items is despicable, and we are focused on identifying the offenders, tracing the items, and returning them to their rightful place,” she said,

“We are working closely with staff at Ely Museum to follow all lines of inquiry.”

Police believe the theft was carried during the early hours.

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Museum curator Elie Hughes said the impact of the theft felt “like grief” because part of the local heritage was taken.

Both items were initially discovered in Cambridgeshire by metal detectorists and the torc was acquired for the museum through grants and donations.

The torc, found in a farmer’s field, is regarded as the best discovered in England in more than 100 years, because it is larger than many other examples and made of 730g of almost pure gold.

Hughes said the torc was unusual because it was so big that it could easily fit around a person’s shoulders.

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“What made it special was that no one knew what it was used for,” she said.

“It’s made from twisted gold, shaped a bit like fusilli pasta.”

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