JESSE WATTERS: Biden is an angry recluse obsessed with his legacy

JESSE WATTERS: Biden is an angry recluse obsessed with his legacy

Fox News host Jesse Watters breaks down President Biden’s “train wreck” interview in his opening monologue on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATTERS: Now we know why Biden only does interviews with weathermen like Al Roker. Last night he talked with CNN and it was a train wreck. He lied, insulted his voters and scared away famous backers. 

Biden’s losing the Israel and Hamas vote, but the Mideast isn’t the top issue for voters. It’s the economy, stupid. Instead of empathizing with us, he tried lying his way out of it, but he didn’t get away with it this time. 


Well, that’s one more lie for a Black, Puerto Rican truck-driving Jewish professor whose uncle was eaten by cannibals. What is new is that the media called him a liar. Where Biden really shot himself in the foot, though, is when he told you to shut up and spend more of the money you don’t have. 

Who has money to spend besides Gold Bar Bob? Fani Willis, who keeps cash in a safe because it’s a Black thing? People are hurting and life’s expensive. Doesn’t Joe read the polls?

Joe’s fighting with CNN. This can’t be good. Biden tells factory workers they’re full of ish, calls a reporter a stupid son of a b***, and calls you crazy if you say groceries are pricey. Joe was supposed to be the genteel granddad who wisely guided us back home. Now, he snaps, when you point out that he missed the exit. It’s always someone else’s fault. Even CNN sees it. 

Biden’s an angry recluse obsessed with his legacy. He wants to be remembered like JFK, but he’s going down as a mean liar who opened the border, botched the Afghan withdrawal and destroyed the dollar. 

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