The Fantastic Four’ introducing a sneaky ‘Spider-Man 4’ crossover is the movie’s best surprise yet

The Fantastic Four’ introducing a sneaky ‘Spider-Man 4’ crossover is the movie’s best surprise yet

Forget The Fantastic Four for a minute, we want Spider-Man 4! Either one of them, actually. Obviously, the incoming reboot of Marvel’s First Family is one of the most exciting upcoming MCU projects, but Spidey fans are still sore that we haven’t got a new Tom Holland movie yet and that a full-on fourth Tobey Maguire film has yet to materialize after No Way Home.

Doctor Strange 2‘s Sam Raimi has continued to tease the possibility of working with Maguire again to expand the story of Sony’s original Spider-Man trilogy, now they’re both part of the MCU family, but neither Marvel nor Sony has promised us it’s happening just yet. Still, at least The Fantastic Four — of all places — is doing Ramiverse fans a solid by following up on a lost bit of casting from Raimi’s original Spider-Man 4 all these years later.

Everyone, welcome John Malkovich to the Marvel multiverse — he’s been waiting 15 years to get here.

John Malkovich’s Fantastic Four casting finally redeems the destruction of Spider-Man 4

Photo by Dominik Bindl/WireImage

Prolific actor John Malkovich — most recently seen in Netflix’s Ripley — has been snapped up by director Matt Shakman for The Fantastic Four. Although we don’t have a clear idea on who he’s playing yet, Malkovich’s long history of portraying villains has led many to assume he’ll be bringing one of the Four’s rogues gallery to life. Perhaps Mole Man or Puppet Master.

If Malkovich is playing a villain than The Fantastic Four is finally putting to bed some unfinished business the star has had with Marvel for a full 15 years. Long-term superhero movie nerds may be aware that Sam Raimi got pretty far with Spider-Man 4 back in 2009 before he ultimately parted with Sony over creative differences and the franchise was rebooted. Maguire’s fourth outing as the webslinger would’ve seen him battle both Vulture and Black Cat.

Neither actor was ever formally cast, but prior to the film falling apart negotiations had begun with both Anne Hathaway for Felicia Hardy and Malkovich as Adrian Toomes. While Hathaway soon got to jump into the comic book sphere as Catwoman in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, Malkovich never got to land a superhero/villain role after this… Until now.

Michael Keaton was absolutely the right choice for the MCU’s Vulture, but Raimiverse fans should feel a sense of relief that Malkovich is finally on board the Marvel train himself. It’s just one more piece of the puzzle in place to manifest a Maguire Spider-Man 4 back into existence.

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