Stephen King doesn’t need a lighter to gently roast MAGA extremists to a crisp

Stephen King doesn’t need a lighter to gently roast MAGA extremists to a crisp

Horror legend Stephen King undoubtedly wears a collection of hats: He’s an author, a storytelling genius, a Maine native, a fan of streaming projects, and more recently, a professional MAGA roaster.

Then again, donning the vomit-inducing red cap is practically an action that begs others to roast you — not that supporters of Donald Trump care in the slightest. If anything, his widespread following of cultists happily stand behind him through hush money trials, farting and sleeping in court, and even playing a part in the Jan. 6 insurrection of the Capitol. 

More specifically, however, conservative extremists and right-wingers continue to fuel the fire originally kickstarted by Trump in regards to the Democratic Party “stealing” the election and allowing Joe Biden to become president, defeating the Orange Thanos Variant in the process. Nearly four years later, MAGA supporters have yet to accept defeat and continue to push the head-shaking narrative that Trump should be president right now.

Without skipping a beat, of course, King has effortlessly swooped in to offer up his thought-provoking opinion over on X in regards to the upcoming election, with the famed novelist providing some truth that MAGA extremists are definitely not going to appreciate:

The Republicans will accept the results of the election.
If they win, that is.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) May 9, 2024

Regardless of political opinion, it’s obvious by now that King takes pleasure in taking MAGA supporters to school on a daily basis. But if notable Republicans like MTG and Trump can go off on political tirades constantly (and even aimed at each other), then it makes perfect sense as to why King continues to offer his perspective on U.S. politics when he sees fit.

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