All the Song Mashups Taylor Swift Has Played During the Eras Tour

All the Song Mashups Taylor Swift Has Played During the Eras Tour

Five months into Taylor Swift’s wildly successful Eras Tour, after she’d brought the tour across the United States and to Mexico, she took the epic concert experience to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she switched up one of the most anticipated parts of her shows. Instead of singing two surprise songs that aren’t on the three-and-a-half-hour-long show’s expansive setlist toward the end of the performance, she began doing mashups of those surprise songs.

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The first time around, she combined two 1989 (Taylor’s Version) songs: “Is It Over Now?” and “Out of the Woods.” Following a perhaps unsurprisingly positive reception, the singer has continued to do mashups while touring throughout Brazil, Japan, Australia, and Singapore. 

As of March 14, the box-office juggernaut Eras Tour concert film is available to stream on Disney+. This version includes a number of songs that didn’t appear in the film’s theatrical release or its VOD release in December, including “Cardigan,” “Maroon,” “Death By a Thousand Cuts,” “You Are In Love,” and “I Can See You.”

Here’s a guide to all of the mashups Swift has done of her surprise songs.

“Is It Over Now?” and “Out of the Woods” from 1989 (Taylor’s Version)

In the first mashup to be presented as one of Swift’s surprise songs, the pop star chose two songs from her latest re-release, 1989 (Taylor’s Version). The album had just come out a few weeks prior, and she decided to surprise the audience with one of the new vault tracks and a fan favorite—both of which are rumored to be about her former relationship with singer Harry Styles. Theories from fans point to the same lyrics in each song that seem to hint at a snowmobile accident the two got into in 2012. 

“Getaway Car”/ “August”/ and “Other Side of the Door”

At her stop in Melbourne, Australia, on Feb. 17, Swift played “Getaway Car” off her 2017 album, Reputation (the next album that fans are theorizing will be released as part of her re-recording project). Swift first played the song in May during her New Jersey stop, where she brought out her collaborator, Jack Antonoff. The mashup took an interesting turn when she included the Folklore cut “August,” which is already on the original setlist, and then took another turn to include a song from Fearless (Taylor’s Version) called “Other Side of the Door.”

“Come Back… Be Here” and “Daylight”

Swift busted out a deep cut from her Red (Taylor’s Version) album called “Come Back… Be Here” and mashed it up with “Daylight,” a song off of Lover—the first album in her discography that she retained the masters to when she signed her new record deal with Republic Records in 2018. It was during this third Melbourne show that she said she might repeat some surprise songs as the tour continues. “I want to be as creative as possible with the acoustic set moving forward, and I don’t want to limit anything or say, ‘Oh if I played this song, I can’t play it again,’” she said at the show. “So, from now on, I don’t want to take any paint colors out of the paintbox [or] tools out of the toolbox.”

“White Horse” and “Coney Island”

Inclement weather during the Eras Tour’s first stop in in Sydney, Australia made it so Swift’s opener, Sabrina Carpenter, could not perform her set. Later, Swift brought out Carpenter to do a duet mashup of “White Horse” from Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and “Coney Island” from Evermore. Carpenter took to Instagram to describe the moment she shared with Swift onstage. “9-year-old Sabrina singing white horse would never see this sh-t coming,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

“Should’ve Said No” and “You’re Not Sorry”/ “Peace” and “New Year’s Day”

The second Sydney night got two surprise song mashups. Swift performed “Should’ve Said No” from her debut self-titled album and mixed it with “You’re Not Sorry” from Fearless (Taylor’s Version). The second set of surprise songs was “Peace” from Evermore and “New Year’s Day” from Reputation—which her fans believe will be the next re-release.

“Is It Over Now?” (Again) and “I Wish You Would/ “Haunted and “Exile”

Swift stuck to her word and repeated a surprise song. She combined ”Is It Over Now?” with a different 1989 (Taylor’s Version) track, “I Wish You Would.” For the second portion of the surprise songs section, she performed the rock-heavy cut “Haunted” from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) and her Bon Iver collaboration, “Exile” from Folklore.

Swift’s “Exile” performance led to a woman going viral after she posted her emotional reaction to hearing the song live, as she sat outside of the stadium with her friends. Though she became the butt of a joke, she told Rolling Stone, she said she was in on it. “I understand why people are laughing at it. I laughed at the video myself once I first watched it back,” she said.

“Forever & Always” and “Maroon”/ “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” and “Ivy”

The singer treated her fans to another two mashups for her final night in Sydney with the Fearless (Taylor’s Version) track “Forever & Always” and “Maroon” from Midnights. However, that wasn’t the only Midnights song she did. Later, the pop star mixed “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” with “Ivy” from Evermore.

“Mine” and “Starlight”/ “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” and “Dress”

The singer had a couple of days off before returning to the stage for a few dates in Singapore. At the first show on this leg, she sang a fan-favorite from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version): “Mine” and combined it with “Starlight” from Red (Taylor’s Version). That same night, she busted out the song she collaborated with Zayn Malik on the 50 Shades Darker soundtrack, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” and incorporated her Reputation song, “Dress,” into the mashup.

“Long Story Short” and “The Story of Us”/ “Clean” and “Evermore”

Another two mashup night came at the second show in Singapore. Swift decided to combine “Long Story Short” from Evermore with “The Story of Us” from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

Before Swift got into the second mashup on the night (which was “Clean” from 1989 (Taylor’s Version) and the title track from Evermore), she shared “the final edition” of her forthcoming 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department. She said, “It’s the final cover … [and] there’s a song called “The Black Dog.” I can’t wait for you to hear it, and I just appreciate the enthusiasm.” She posted the cover to Instagram.

“Foolish One” and “Tell Me Why”/ “This Love” and “Call It What You Want”

The third Singapore night featured two mashups: the vault track “Foolish One” from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) and “Tell Me Why” from Fearless (Taylor’s Version). The second mashup was the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) song “This Love” and “Call It What You Want” from Reputation.

“Death by a Thousand Cuts” and “Babe”/ “Fifteen” and “You’re On Your Own Kid”

Swift’s fourth Singapore show featured some of her most emotional songs. She sang Lover’s “Death By a Thousand Cuts” and “Babe” from Red (Taylor’s Version). On piano, the singer performed “Fifteen” from Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and the most played surprise song, “You’re On Your Own Kid,” which she’s played five times, according to Us Weekly

“Sparks Fly” and “Gold Rush”/ “False God” and “Slut!”

During another two mashup nights, Swift performed “Sparks Fly,” the second song on Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), and “Gold Rush” off of Evermore on the guitar. The pop star then took to the piano to sing “False God” and “Slut!” to close out the surprise songs portion of the show.

“Tim McGraw” and “Cowboy Like Me”/ “Mirrorball” and “Epiphany”

At her last show on the Singapore leg, Swift opted for yet another two-mashup night. This was her last show before the tour picked up again in May in Europe. For the acoustic portion of the set, the singer did “Tim McGraw” from her self-titled debut album and “Cowboy Like Me,” a cut off of Evermore. She closed out the surprise songs portion on the piano and delivered a somber performance of two Folklore songs, “Mirrorball” and “Epiphany.”

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