Will WrestleMania be on Peacock?

Will WrestleMania be on Peacock?

For the NFL and the MLB, the Super Bowl and World Series is the ultimate stage of success. But for products such as the WWE, of course, WrestleMania is the biggest and grandest stage where professional wrestlers can shine under the spotlights and perfectly showcase their athletic abilities.

Throughout each passing episode of SmackDown and Raw happening in WWE right now, the long-standing wrestling company is building a variety of engaging feuds and exhibiting fun-filled storylines heading into the aforementioned event — which is scheduled to take place this weekend, starting on April 6. In this day and age of streaming, of course, wrestling fanatics and regular civilians looking to tune in are curious as to whether or not the entertainment-wrestling extravaganza will be available to watch on Peacock.

So ahead of the major event officially commencing this upcoming weekend, let’s dive in and explore if folks will need a Peacock subscription to adhere to the event’s magic in Philadelphia.

So, will WrestleMania be available to stream on Peacock?

Image via WWE

For those looking to enjoy a WrestleMania marathon this weekend, yes, you’ll certainly need a Peacock subscription to watch both nights of WrestleMania — which will be available to stream on the platform this weekend in the U.S. After signing up for Peacock, eagle-eyed subscribers can witness the magic of WrestleMania XL begin on Saturday, April 6, with the countdown show happening at 5 pm ET, while the main show officially starts at 7 pm ET.

The rest of the show will happen on the next night on Sunday, April 7, with the countdown show and main show both starting at the same times as on Saturday. So if you’re eager to watch the chaotic event unfold, be sure to fire up your Peacock subscription right now before it’s too late.

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