The Freckled Zelda controversy, explained

The Freckled Zelda controversy, explained

For many of us who are detached from the world of musical instruments, Freckled Zelda was the one who introduced us to ocarinas. As a self-proclaimed “music fairy,” playing such an ethereal wind instrument on Tiktok, it is no wonder Freckled Zelda became a success online.

Through playing beautifully breathy renditions of our favorite songs, Freckled Zelda managed to draw us into her content — that, and the quirky and fun fairy cosplays. It was unique and undeniably appealing. Clearly, the TikTok creator, whose real name is Rachel Wilson, knew her audience well, but sadly, it appears that the audience did not know the influencer quite the same way.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen an abrupt number of netizens openly criticizing Freckled Zelda and boycotting her content in the process. It all started with one video that went viral, and here’s exactly what happened.

What did Freckled Zelda do?

For the past couple of weeks, Freckled Zelda has been targeted with several allegations, including grooming, racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and even stealing artwork — all of which she seems to be wholly unapologetic about. Despite her innocent appearance and seemingly wholesome content, Wilson finds herself embroiled in a web of controversies that appear to be endless.

The initial allegations were shared by Maddy Maddy (@ilovebogmummies on TikTok), who leaked screenshots from a group chat allegedly showing Freckled Zelda sending suggestive images in a group chat with a 15-year-old girl. Wilson quickly denied these allegations, but we’ll address that later. In the same video, though, Maddy Maddy continued to expose Freckled Zelda.

Providing screenshots as proof, Maddy showed Wilson allegedly liking comments that included anti-LGBTQ+ messages, tagging her disabled friend Ami in several ableist comments, and supposedly providing evidence that the influencer stole artwork created by her ex-partner — proceeding to misgender them in the process. Moreover, Wilson has also been accused of being a Zionist and Islamophobic, upon replying to comments from Muslim followers by stating that “Jesus is the only God.”

Has Freckled Zelda apologized?

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No, Freckled Zelda did not apologize for anything — however, she did deny alI all allegations of grooming, stealing, racism, and homophobia. Freckled Zelda explained that Maddy purposely attempted to defame her by blurring the group chat pictures — where the creator was not naked, contrary to popular belief. She was wearing a bunny outfit, albeit a revealing one.

Moreover, as a way to smooth over all racism and ableism allegations, she explains that her best friend is a person of color (whose hand briefly appears to fist bump hers), followed by her using the same argument to refute ableism allegations by demonstrating that she has a disabled childhood friend — providing photogenic evidence.

Many of Freckled Zelda’s fans pointed out that Maddy’s exposing video also coincided with a shift in her content. The creator began posting religious content more often, praising her Christianity in both the comment sections of her videos and in the videos themselves. Many fans interpreted this change as a sign that perhaps Freckled Zelda was not the person they had imagined her to be, while also stating that they no longer identified with her content.

“go back to the time that u was just a cute elf with a ocarina”




“Why do so many cool creators I follow randomly make their pages so religious”


Overall, the internet appears to be divided on this one. Many fans believe Wilson’s explanation appears legitimate, defending the creator while also praising her religious content, while many others deem her behavior inexcusable, as they boycott the change. It is never a quiet day on TikTok.

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