Prisoner arrested over fatal shooting in Sydney’s south-west

Prisoner arrested over fatal shooting in Sydney’s south-west

Police have arrested a man over the alleged murder of Ferenc ‘David’ Stemler, in Sydney’s south-west last year.

Police transferred a 30-year-old prisoner from Silverwater jail to Burwood Police Station today, where he is expected to be charged with murder.

Stemler was shot dead on Brought Street in Canterbury about 2am on July 27.

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Several days ago, NSW police released CCTV footage in an appeal for information.

The footage shows a white Holden Commodore allegedly arriving at the parking lot where Stemler was later found dead.

Police will allege in court the man they arrested today was in the white commodore at the time Stemler approached it and was fatally shot.

Despite paramedics trying to save him, the 28-year-old died at the scene.

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Police previously reported Stemler had links to organised crime but was not a “major player” in Sydney’s underworld. 

They said there was no suggestion of his involvement in organised crime in particular, and that he was a local man who “grew up with a number of people in the area”.

Stemler had previously been released from prison three years ago after being jailed for trying to import more than $1 million worth of cocaine into the city. 

Another man and woman have also been charged over his alleged murder and remain before the courts.

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