Will there be a ‘Bloodhounds’ K-drama season 2?

Will there be a ‘Bloodhounds’ K-drama season 2?

Bloodhounds took us all by surprise when it became one of our favorite K-dramas of 2023. Not every Netflix drama has us on the edge of our seats like this show did, and we can’t help but want more of the hard-hitting Korean series in our lives. 

The K-drama stars Woo Do-hwan as Kim Geon-Woo and Lee Sang-yi as Hong Woo-jin, two former Marines and aspiring boxers who get caught up in the corrupt, criminal world of loan sharks. Although they’re rivals in the ring, Geon-Woo and Woo-jin form a brotherly bond out of their mutual respect and grow close. Their friendship and boxing skills come in handy as the two face danger and moral difficulties in the crime world. 

We love a great multi-genre K-drama and Bloodhounds is both a sports drama in the style of Creed and an action-packed crime thriller. Its first season was only eight episodes long, and the easily bingeable show soared to the Netflix top 10 in over 60 countries. With an impact like that, is it any wonder we’re clamoring for a second season? 

When will Bloodhounds season 2 be released? 

Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to announce a second season of Bloodhounds. The first season was released on June 9, 2023; it hasn’t been too long since the first season came out so don’t lose hope in a renewal.

Bloodhounds is an adaptation of the manhwa by Jeong Chan which was completed in March of 2022. While the manhwa tells a complete story, the first season ends differently than the manhwa and leaves room for a second season should Netflix choose to greenlight one. Fans can only hope a second season will be released sooner than later. 

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