‘Ninja Kamui’ episode 2 release date and time confirmed

‘Ninja Kamui’ episode 2 release date and time confirmed

A promising new anime has hit the screens worldwide this Feb. 2024. After an intriguing first episode, fans await how things take a turn in the upcoming episode 2!

Ninja Kamui debuted on Feb. 11, 2024, having been teased with trailers and previews following its initial announcement in May 2022. The anime series centers on Joe Higan, a former ninja who flees his clan and hides in a remote American town. Things soon take a bloody turn for Higan as assassins murder his wife and son for his “betrayal” of his former ninja clan.

The series is directed by Sunghoo Park under his new production studio, E&H Production and Sola Entertainment. It premiered on Adult Swim‘s anime serialization block Toonami, and the anticipation for the second episode is on the rise. So, when can you catch the next episode of the unfolding drama?

Ninja Kamui episode 2 release date and time

Following a masterful premiere, the Adult Swim official X account has unveiled the full release schedule of Ninja Kamui. The media channel revealed that new episodes of the action series will air every Saturday at midnight on Toonami for viewers in Canada and the United States. For audiences outside of these countries, the series also streams on HBO Max a day after its release on Toonami.

So, Ninja Kamui episode 2 will hit the Toonami screen on Saturday, Feb. 17, 2024, at 12 am ET. It will subsequently air on Max the following day, on Feb. 18, 2024. If you wish to catch the episode firsthand without wasting a minute, here are the exact release times on Toonami according to various time zones:

Pacific Standard Time (PST): 9.00 pm, Feb. 16

Indian Standard Time (IST): 10.30 pm, Feb. 16

Central European Time (CT): 11.00 pm, Feb. 16

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 5.00 am, Feb. 17

Philippine Time (PHT): 1.00 pm, Feb. 17

What to expect in Ninja Kamui episode 2?

Ninja Kamui is expected to run for 12 episodes, following the story of Joe Higan’s revenge against his former ninja clan. In episode 1, we saw Joe Higan nearing death but opening his eyes soon to be questioned by FBI agents Mike and Emma for an investigation into the murder of his family. In a personal quest for vengeance now, Higan will adopt the Ninja Kamui identity and begin the journey to avenge the deaths of his wife and son in episode 2.

Our hero is resolved to pursue his former clan organization to exact revenge after learning that many recent murder victims were also former ninjas who had their identities revealed. Episode 2 will bring the action to force while uncovering more mysteries that surround our main character and his former ninja clan.

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