Seconds after this image, the woman in this photo heard a ‘crack’

Seconds after this image, the woman in this photo heard a ‘crack’

Video has captured the moment a huge gum tree branch fell just 10 seconds after a woman walked underneath it in Adelaide’s east.

Eva Zafiropoulos was walking on Cuthero Street in Kensington Gardens before the tree branch fell onto a car about 6.30pm yesterday.

Zafiropoulos said she had one headphone in at the time and heard a crack.

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“I just keep thinking if I had have left the house a couple of seconds earlier, I would have been right there when it fell so definitely in a bit of shock and a bit shaky as well,” Zafiropoulos said.

The tree fall caused a car below to suffer a few dents but no one was injured.

It comes after a Tesla driver narrowly avoided serious injury after his car was crushed by a huge pine tree in Melbourne‘s south-east yesterday.

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Last week, a falling branch killed 22-year-old Alifia Soeryo in the Adelaide Parklands.

It’s prompted a debate about how suburban trees are assessed by local governments.

9News has contacted council and state government for comment.

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