Why is ‘The Bachelor’ airing on both Monday and Tuesday? This week’s schedule, explained

Why is ‘The Bachelor’ airing on both Monday and Tuesday? This week’s schedule, explained

Fans of The Bachelor franchise were stunned when the preview at the end of season 28, episode 3 teased a two-night special, where Joey Graziadei will narrow down his final 15 hopefuls ever further, ultimately getting closer and closer to finding “the one” once and for all.

Teasing that episode 4 will take place in Malta and episode 5 will take place in Spain, this double feature is sure to be nothing short of spectacular, featuring one-on-one dates with Lexi Young, Kelsey Anderson, and Rachel Nance, a two-on-one date with Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon, a series of oh-so exciting group dates, and more, but viewers from coast to coast have just one burning question: Why is The Bachelor airing on both Monday and Tuesday?

Fortunately, we got you covered. To find out for yourself, just keep scrolling…

While it is unclear why The Bachelor is airing on both Monday and Tuesday this week, viewers could not be more thrilled nonetheless!

As for timing, both episodes will air from 8pm to 10pm ET/PT on ABC, inching fans of The Bachelor franchise closer and closer to finale night. Naturally, said fans took to X — formerly known as Twitter — to express their excitement for this oh-so exciting week.

“There’s already a TWO NIGHT special next week?! This early in the season #TheBachelor”

“Two night event yesssssssss #TheBachelor”

“Woah was not expecting a two night event this early on in the season. What is happening!! #TheBachelor”

Will the tennis professional manage to find his perfect match (no pun intended) in the remaining women, ultimately popping the question to one of them in the end? We will just have to wait and see…

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