What does Steve from ‘Love on the Spectrum’ do for work?

What does Steve from ‘Love on the Spectrum’ do for work?

Stemming from San Francisco, California, Steve Spitz embarked on a journey to find his perfect match on both season 1 of and season 2 of Love on the Spectrum US, captivating viewers from coast to coast along the way.

For those who are unfamiliar with the oh-so heartwarming series, the American version of Love on the Spectrum is a spin-off of the Australian version of Love on the Spectrum, both created and directed by Cian O’Clery and following “a diverse group of people on the autism spectrum” as they “navigate the world of romance and relationships” and the trials and tribulations that come with it.

Serving as the oldest individual to look for love on Love on the Spectrum US thus far, the 64-year-old gave an update on his endeavors after filming came to a close, admitting in an exclusive interview with Netflix that he was “feeling grateful for having another experience with dating,” however his search for love “has had its ups and downs,” finding himself still a single man.

While he failed to find his perfect match, Steve stole the hearts of viewers all across America after his stints on Love on the Spectrum US nonetheless, leaving fans of the franchise with dozens of questions regarding his life beyond our television screens.

Appearing to be rather wealthy, one of the most frequently asked questions has to do with his career — with several individuals wondering what Steve does for work — and fortunately, we got you covered. Keep scrolling to find out for yourself…

What is Steve from Love on the Spectrum‘s job?

Screengrab via Netflix

Given that Steve is in his 60s, it is assumed that he will retire soon — if he has not already — however, we were unable to find any information about his current or previous profession.

While it is unclear whether or not Steve is a working man, we managed to find some information about his family instead, quickly learning that his father, Harold Spitz, was the publisher of Guest Informant for several years. According to SFGATE, Guest Informant is “an in-house magazine published in San Francisco and found in luxury hotels worldwide,” seemingly gaining a great deal of success over the years.

Aside from his father, Steve has two sisters, Suzanne and Michele, with the latter currently working as a voiceover actress and a public speaker. She is also a philanthropist who is passionate about advocating for disability awareness, with this passion likely stemming from her brother, the Love on the Spectrum US star.

Could the 64-year-old be living off of the fortune of his family? The world may never know…

Nonetheless, to see Steve Spitz in action on both season 1 of and season 2 of Love on the Spectrum US, fans of the franchise can stream all episodes now via Netflix.

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