Samuel L. Jackson wants his own Mace Windu show, but has ‘Secret Invasion’ already ruined that possibility?

Samuel L. Jackson wants his own Mace Windu show, but has ‘Secret Invasion’ already ruined that possibility?

Samuel L. Jackson is still passionately campaigning for a Mace Windu television show, and we know the Star Wars fandom has wanted this for years, so what’s really stopping him from coming down upon thee with great vengeance?

During a recent profile on the prequel trilogy run by Empire magazine, the MCU star known for the unmistakable face and voice of Nick Fury exclaimed that he still wants to return as everyone’s favorite purple-lightsabered badass Mace Windu. In fact, he has three words for anyone who says it’s not possible to bring the Mace back, and they’re in the capital. “HE’S NOT DEAD!!!”


Samuel L. Jackson wants a Disney+ #StarWars show for Mace Windu.

“HE’S NOT DEAD!!!” Jackson tells Empire, and when asked what he’d want to do in a Windu series: “EVERYTHING YES!!”


— Empire Magazine (@empiremagazine) February 12, 2024

We agree wholeheartedly. Sure, Mace Windu was Force-electrocuted by Palpatine himself, and then chucked off the Senate Office building with furious anger, but let’s not forget a golden rule: Jedi don’t take height damage. The Force will have sustained Mace Windu long enough to survive, and perhaps he’s been in hiding all these years waiting for the right moment to resurface and save the galaxy again.

Now, the only thing standing in the way of all that amazing potential is Disney and Lucasfilm themselves. Are you telling me we can develop solo projects for a dozen protagonists and side characters but not give Mace Windu his due after all these years?

Of course, Disney would understandably be a bit hesitant to contract Samuel L. Jackson for such a large-scale project after the Secret Invasion fiasco — one of the most panned and divisive MCU projects to date — but let’s not forget Jackson’s acting was one of the few redeeming qualities of that show, if anything.

Having Mace Windu show up again after two decades is exactly the sort of thing the sinking Star Wars ship needs to hang on just a little longer. But hey, why do that when you can develop a movie no one even asked for?

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