Is there a ‘Madame Web’ popcorn bucket?

Is there a ‘Madame Web’ popcorn bucket?

Popcorn buckets are all the rage these days, as cinema-goers find yet another unreasonably expensive excuse to empty their wallets. As if going to the movies weren’t expensive enough, a trip to the concessions stand can really break the bank with the purchase of a film’s official, dedicated popcorn bucket.

It may seem like a silly, unnecessary expense to some, but true cinema fans can’t get enough. People who flock to theaters to enjoy that big screen magic find the experience a bit more magical with a collectible bucket to enjoy their buttery treat out of, and these days there are heaps of options. Its increasingly common for big-budget films to release an official popcorn bucket alongside their big theatrical debut, providing studios with one more chance to pull in some extra money.

From Marvel movies to major sci-fi releases — hello inappropriate Dune 2 bucket — popcorn buckets are the new souvenir for many a movie fan, and some people are looking to collect them all. Not every film gets the popcorn bucket treatment, of course, but what about Madame Web? Will the upcoming Marvel flick boost those box office returns with a specialized popcorn vessel?

Is Madame Web releasing a popcorn bucket?

The latest release in Sony’s painfully meager attempt to mimic the MCU is headed to theaters on Feb. 14 in the form of Madame Web, a Spider-Man-adjacent flick starring Dakota Johnson. Trailers for the film pretty much fulfill exactly what fans expected: Another Morbius-quality eye-roll of a film with just enough redeeming qualities — or at least memeable qualities — to flirt with breaking even at the box office.

In order to pull in some extra cash, releasing a Madame Web-themed popcorn bucket would make a huge amount of sense. That way, even if people hate the film as much as they hated Morbius, the studio makes a few extra bucks and cinema-goers have a permanent, embarrassing souvenir representing their poor taste in movies.

Unfortunately, the film’s official release is just a few days away and — with no official popcorn bucket unveiled — the chances of getting a Madame Web popcorn bucket are slim. News about any dedicated bucket set to accompany the film would typically have arrived weeks ago, and with so little time left before the film’s release, it seems safe to assume that no bucket is slated to drop.

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