‘Lazarus’ anime release window, manga, and more

‘Lazarus’ anime release window, manga, and more

The release date for Lazarus, the widely anticipated anime has been on our minds ever since the beautifully animated trailer dropped.

Directed by the iconic Shinichiro Watanabe, renowned for working on Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Carole & Tuesday, it’s no wonder why there’s a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming show. It will also be produced by Sola Entertainment, and the animation will be in the capable hands of studio MAPPA. With all these familiar names on board, the Lazarus anime should be worth the wait.  

Lazarus’ synopsis

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Lazarus unfolds in the year 2052, during the golden era ushered in by the respected Dr. Skinner’s creation of the Hapuna drug. The revolutionary breakthrough initially brought prosperity to Earth, but it also marked the vanishing of its inventor. However, a critical flaw in the drug soon emerged. 

Hapuna, the drug designed to cure any ailment, proved to have deadly side effects, offering users only three years to live. The once renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Skinner soon becomes a deranged scientist who misled humanity with his purportedly miraculous cure-all medication. In response to the calamities triggered by this drug, a task force named “Lazarus” was established to address the ensuing challenges, and find a way for humanity to survive. 

Trailer and release date

The trailer for Lazarus was released in July 2023, revealing some seriously stunning animation. It also showed glimpses of the intense action sequences to be expected in the anime. However, the official release date for Lazarus has not yet been disclosed. There’s a possibility that the anime might premiere in the first half of 2024, although it is crucial to recognize that this is speculative. Nonetheless, an official announcement specifying the release date is anticipated early this year.

Is there a Lazarus manga?

Shockingly, Lazarus does not have a source material. Unlike many of MAPPA’s projects like Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, and Yuri on Ice which had manga source material, Lazarus is a fresh anime offering. Therefore, MAPPA has creative freedom to bring the anime to life. The anime is conceived for the big screen without any constraints from source materials. Also, the director Shinichiro Watanabe’s influence on the creative process has greatly expanded the potential narrative possibilities. 

Cast and crew

Acclaimed Anime Director Shinichiro Watanabe is working on a new Anime Project titled “LAZARUS” alongside John Wick series director Chad Stahelski.

It will be animated by Studio MAPPA for Adult Swim.

Shinichiro W. Has directed Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy and Smaurai Champloo. pic.twitter.com/5V0RjkITmL

— Anime News And Facts (@AniNewsAndFacts) July 20, 2023

Director Shinichiro Watanabe is at the helm of the Lazarus anime, while Chad Stahelski will oversee the direction of the action sequences. Additionally, the soundtrack is set to showcase the talents of saxophonist Kamasi Washington, along with significant contributions from Floating Points and Bonobo. Since Watanabe is on board, music will be a major part of the Lazarus anime. While the identities of the cast members remain undisclosed, excitement mounts in anticipation of their upcoming revelation.

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