All Stray Kids SKZOO names explained

All Stray Kids SKZOO names explained

SKZOO, initiated by Stray Kids, is a creative venture where each member of the K-pop group is associated with a cartoon character. The name, which is a blend of “SKZ” and “Zoo,” cleverly alludes to the animal forms of the characters.

SKZOO was first introduced on Dec. 23, 2020, through a teaser video featuring the animated characters. In February 2021, an SKZOO rendition of Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu” was released. This was followed by a pre-order period on the initial set of SKZOO plushies and figures through a dedicated platform, the SKZOO Store. To top it all off, during the “SKZ-X” fan meeting, Stray Kids took the stage donning life-sized SKZOO costumes to perform “God’s Menu.”

In this article, we delve into the adorable realm of one of the Stray Kids’ projects, deciphering the meanings and stories behind each SKZOO name.

Wolf Chan

Wolf Chan represents Bang Chan, the leader of Stray Kids. This character draws inspiration from Bang Chan’s role as the leader, particularly emphasizing his frequent use of the wolf emoji in text messages. Wolf Chan also possesses Bang Chan’s iconic dimples, making it more recognizable. 


Leebit, the character portraying Lee Know, takes the form of a rabbit due to the resemblance of his front teeth to those of a bunny. The name is a combination of “Lee” from “Lee Know” and “Bit” from “Rabbit”. The facial expression of Leebit is crafted to mirror Lee Know’s mischievous personality, adding a delightful touch to the representation. 


Dwaekki’s creation drew inspiration from a clay statue crafted by Changbin during a variety broadcast, which combined the features of both a pig and a bunny. Following this playful creation, Changbin adopted the nickname ‘Pabbit’. The character Dwaekki is a fusion of the Korean words for pig “dwaeji” and rabbit “tokki”, encapsulating the essence of this charming hybrid. 


Jiniret embodies the essence of Hyunjin, drawing inspiration from his facial features, height, and graceful dancing, which all bear resemblance to a ferret. The name “Jiniret” is a clever combination of “Jinnie” from Hyunjin’s nickname, and “ferret.” The name reflects the character’s design and characteristics.

Han Quokka

Han’s SKZOO persona is affectionately named Han Quokka, combining his name with that of the Australian mammal called a quokka. The inspiration for Han Quokka’s design stems from the consistent comparison of Han to a squirrel or a quokka since his debut, primarily due to his endearingly full cheeks. 


Felix’s SKZOO character is known as BbokAri. The character design draws inspiration from how much Felix is compared to a chick, attributed to his adorable demeanor and bright personality. The name BbokAri is crafted by combining “Bok” from Felix’s Korean name, Yongbok, and the Korean word for chick, “byeongari.”


PuppyM is Seungmin’s SKZOO character. Since Stray Kids’ debut, Seungmin has been compared to a puppy due to his energetic personality. Drawing inspiration from Seungmin’spuppy-like persona and facial features, PuppyM was created and designed. The name is a combination of puppy and “m” from Seungmin.


Since the group’s debut, I.N. has been adored for his striking resemblance to a desert fox. The creation of FoxI.NY took inspiration from I.N.’s foxy resemblance. The name FoxI.NY was made by combining I.N.’s nickname “Jeonginnie” and fox.

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