Justin Hartley’s 7 biggest shows before ‘Tracker’

Justin Hartley’s 7 biggest shows before ‘Tracker’

Justin Hartley might be taking over network television with his new show Tracker, but he’s a veteran at this point. 

With Tracker, however, Hartley’s finally getting some much-deserved attention for his star power. Taking on the lead role as  Colter Shaw, the actor is sexy, cool, and more captivating than he’s ever been. Nonetheless, as aforementioned, he’s long since been winning hearts on TV. From his emotional moments in This Is Us, to his superhero charm as the Green Arrow on Smallville, here are Justin Hartley’s biggest shows to date. 

7. Revenge

Justin Hartley joined the cast of Revenge in its third season, taking on the role of Patrick Osbourne. The series is a gripping story that revolves around Emily Thorne, a mysterious and resourceful woman with a dark past. Seeking retribution for the wrongful conviction and subsequent death of her father, Emily infiltrates the wealthy Hamptons community under a new identity. As she navigates the intricacies of high society, Emily strategically executes her plan to expose and bring down those responsible for her family’s downfall. Hartley’s character, Patrick, the estranged son of Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), added an intriguing layer to the drama, as well as a whole lot of sex appeal.

6. Mistresses

Mistresses is a provocative drama series that follows the intertwining lives of four women as they experience love and secrets. Set in Los Angeles, the show explores the challenges faced by friends Savi, Josslyn, Karen, and April as they grapple with passion, betrayal, and the consequences of their choices. Hartley joined the cast of Mistresses for the last three seasons as Scott Trosman, a successful and generous plastic surgeon. In the grand scheme of things, Hartley wasn’t the biggest scene stealer, but boy did he act his butt off!   

5. Passions

Justin Hartley first gained widespread recognition for his role as Nicholas Foxworth ‘Fox’ Crane on the daytime soap opera, Passions. Set in the eccentric town of Harmony, the show featured an ensemble cast dealing with mystical occurrences, family secrets, and the intricacies of love. Hartley’s charming demeanor as Fox Crane, and his on-screen chemistry with co-star Lindsay Korman (who became his wife), made him a standout in the soap opera. 

4. Smallville

Justin Hartley’s popularity soared when he joined the cast of the long-running superhero series Smallville. He played Oliver Queen, also known as Green Arrow, adding a new dimension to the show. His portrayal of the iconic DC character earned him a dedicated fan following. Smallville follows the early life of Clark Kent, the well-known superhero Superman before he embraces his destiny as the savior of Metropolis.

3. Emily Owens, M.D.

Emily Owens, M.D. is a medical drama series that follows the professional and personal journey of Emily Owens. Set in a Denver hospital, the show revolves around Emily as she navigates the challenges of being a first-year surgical intern. While striving to establish herself in the competitive medical field, Emily finds herself confronted with the complexities of relationships and rivalries among her colleagues. In this drama, Hartley played the role of Dr. Will Collins, a charming and confident first-year surgical intern and Emily’s med-school friend. While the show had a short run, Hartley’s performance was notable for expertly blending humor and drama.

2. The Young and the Restless

Returning to the soap opera realm, Hartley took on the role of Adam Newman on the iconic daytime drama The Young and the Restless. The long-running American soap opera revolves around the lives, relationships, and dramatic events of the wealthy and influential Abbott, Newman, and Chancellor families. The series delves into themes of love, betrayal, and family, creating a tapestry of interconnected stories that keep viewers hooked on the drama unfolding in the fictional town of Genoa City. Hartley’s nuanced portrayal of the complex character earned him critical acclaim and a Daytime Emmy nomination. 

1. This is Us

Perhaps one of the most significant milestones in Justin Hartley’s career is This Is Us, which catapulted him to new heights of fame. This is Us is a heartwarming and emotionally charged drama that chronicles the lives of the Pearson family across different timelines. The series, featuring a talented cast, skillfully weaves together the past and present, following siblings Kevin, Kate, and Randall, as well as their parents Jack and Rebecca. Playing Kevin Pearson, one of the “Big Three” siblings, Hartley showcased his versatility, tackling emotional storylines and earning widespread acclaim for his performance.

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