Change at the top for girls as 2023’s top baby names revealed

Change at the top for girls as 2023’s top baby names revealed

Australia’s most popular baby names for 2023 can be revealed, with some new contenders sneaking into the top 10.

Analysts McCrindle Research said parents stuck steady with their favourite boy’s name, and Oliver once again topped the list for the 11th year running.

For girls, Isla reclaimed the number one spot, up from its bronze medal position in 2022.

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The boys’ top 10 kept the same names as the previous year, though rankings changed as Hudson, Theodore, and Luca, became more popular.

But there was some change in the girls’ top 10, with Harper, Lily, and Hazel knocking out Ella, Grace, and Willow.

Outside of the top 10, other names were rapidly shooting up the rankings.

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In the girls’ top 100, Cleo rose 44 ranks, Nina jumped 43, and Ada 40, compared to their 2022 positions.

Over in the boys’ top 100, Miles climbed 53 ranks to debut on the top 100 list at 48.

McCrindle found that abbreviated names were growing more popular with young parents – for example, both Billy (54th) and Ollie (84th) rose significantly in usage as distinct names, despite William and Oliver remaining in the top 10.

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The researchers also found that family names were the most significant influence for new parents picking a moniker for their newborn.

A total of 30 per cent said that was an influence, compared to baby name websites (21 per cent), culture or religion (17 per cent), friends (13 per cent), social media (10 per cent), or previous top 100 baby names lists (nine per cent).

About eight per cent selected “other”, with many indicating they’d been inspired by pop culture or music, while 10 per cent specifically cited the Bible.

Five boy’s and five girl’s names also waved goodbye to the top 100 in 2023.

For girls, they were Charlie, Jasmine, Claire, Gracie, and Lilly.

For boys, they were Ashton, Connor, Vincent, Elias, and Jaxon.

Access the full report here.

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