Who Is Maddox In KPop?

Who Is Maddox In KPop?

Recently, it seems as if new K-pop soloists or groups are debuting every single day. It’s nearly impossible to keep track of who’s genuinely talented, and who’s not worth your time. Fortunately, Maddox doesn’t fall into the latter category.

However, here’s the real twist: Maddox has been around much longer than you might have realized. In fact, you’ve probably heard his music more often than you know — just not necessarily through his voice. ATINYs probably Maddox through his work with ATEEZ — which I’ll talk about in a second. Some of you might even have been fortunate enough to see Maddox perform live with ATEEZ. So, if you’ve been noticing clips of a charming, British-Korean man alongside the boys, and he’s caught your attention, here’s everything you need to know about Maddox.

Who is Maddox?

Maddox, whose real name is Kim Kyung Moon, is a singer, songwriter, and producer best known for his work with ATEEZ. He debuted in 2019 under KQ Entertainment as a soloist, although he had been a trainee under his company for a year prior. He was born on March 15, 1995, in Wales, and although Maddox is indeed Korean, he was born in the southwestern country of the United Kingdom. In fact, Maddox lived for 10 years in Bournemouth, England before moving to South Korea — hence his thick British accent.

This Welsh-Korean idol, although a soloist, is relatively well-known for working with ATEEZ. Although not a member of the group, Maddox is responsible for writing and producing some of ATEEZ’s biggest hits, including “This World” and “Be With You.” And yes, you have even heard his voice before. Maddox is actually the voice behind ATEEZ’s iconic “Intro: Long Journey.” The group’s connection to Maddox is so deep that he even performed with ATEEZ during the European leg of their “The Fellowship: Beginning of the End” tour.

Overall, Maddox is already an incredibly accomplished musician, with over 106 songs credited to his name by the age of 29. Despite his close ties to ATEEZ, Maddox’s solo career is just as impressive as his producing and writing endeavors for other groups — although his discography is admittedly and regretfully, very short. As a matter of fact, even after five years in the limelight, Maddox has yet to release a solo album.

Nonetheless, all of his singles are certified hits, and hopefully, his way-too-short discography will soon become bigger. His hit singles “Color Blind,” and “But Maybe,” are perfect examples of his talent as a singer, showing his preference for mellow R&B songs over the generic K-pop sound that many fans were expecting to hear from Maddox. Here’s to hoping we’ll see more of him in the future — with ATEEZ and otherwise.

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