‘We rely on money we’re owed’: Small business owner reveals that Francesca’s owes her upwards of $100,000 but won’t pay

‘We rely on money we’re owed’: Small business owner reveals that Francesca’s owes her upwards of $100,000 but won’t pay

It is no secret that small business owners get more than their fair share of grief. Imagine pouring all your livelihood, passion, and work ethic into a project you are proud of, only to crumble under the weight of the status quo.

For many small business owners, this is the reality. They get into their business for the love of the work, but capitalism takes no prisoners. One of these tireless workers decided the time had long since passed to play fair. On TikTok, Mugsby revealed that its enterprise works with the clothing boutique Francesca’s, which now owes it an inordinate amount of money.

“As of today, Francesca’s owes my small business $132,461.92. It sucks.”

The creator went on to explain that she had only been working with Francesca’s for a year when the business stopped paying.


Thank you @Taylor Elliott Designs for bringing awareness. #smallbusiness

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Small businesses work with stores like these to fulfill purchase orders for merchandise. Mugsby trades in apparel and accessories that can be found at retailers. The creator stated that Francesca’s has not paid 6 purchase orders, and one order it made specifically for the store cannot be shipped due to non-payment. The owner had not spoken up about this before but felt it was important to share her story and show the pressure small businesses such as hers go through.

“It is hard on small business owner to sometimes make payroll, to bring in new products to sell when you are out money you are expecting.”

Unfortunately, this story is not unique. Many other businesses have shared how hard it is on these streets.

Other small business owners have reported similar issues

In her video, Mugsby name-checked a fellow small business owner who reported similar struggles in the industry. Taylor Elliott Designs has since taken down the original video but inspired Mugsby to share its story. Taylor Elliott later posted another video to thank everyone for their support. 

Since then, many commenters have made showings of good faith such as promising to boycott Francesca’s and seek out the products from these businesses at other locations.

Taylor Elliott Designs sells desk accessories and other tchotchkes. Like Mugsby, it is available at other stores but can also be ordered through its website. After Mugsby posted its video, Taylor Elliott was one of many commenters who posted in support. While many of these places struggle during inflation and slow seasonal times, it is heartening to see the support from local communities.

Francesca’s may continue to do business the way it has been, but seeing this support reinstates some faith in humanity. Be sure to check out the products of these businesses at taylorelliottdesigns.com and mugsby.com.

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