Walker who escaped attack wants others not to exercise alone

Walker who escaped attack wants others not to exercise alone

A woman who escaped an attack on a Queensland walking trail has warned others not to exercise alone.

Alana, who did not wish to have her surname published, had been walking with headphones on along Mt Coot-tha’s Maculata trail on Friday when she was struck.

“He pushed me from behind with force,” she told 9News Queensland.

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“I fell to the ground and hit my head, so I think I blacked out for a bit.

“He held me down and the pressure, I just felt either his foot or hands holding me down.”

Former NRL player Arana Taumata found the 31-year-old concussed on the ground and helped her to safety.

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Her predator had left the scene when he heard Taumata coming.

Police have increased their presence on Mt Coot-tha and have started conducting patrols on horseback and trail bikes.

Detectives are yet to identify Alana’s attacker.

“It’s just a frightening thing to think that you can’t walk alone with your headphones in and it’s just not safe,” she said.

“It can happen to anyone, which is a really unfortunate thing.”

Alana is the second woman to report an assault on the trails in the past month.

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