Tucker Carlson Live Tour 2024: How to get tickets to see Tuckerdumb and Taylordumber be idiots in person

Tucker Carlson Live Tour 2024: How to get tickets to see Tuckerdumb and Taylordumber be idiots in person

America is gradually becoming overrun with empty-headed egomaniacs, and they’re being welcomed with open arms by the likes of Tucker Carlson.

The sneering Fox News host has been deepening the political divide in our nation for years now, but Donald Trump’s rise truly harkened in his peak era. He’s been thriving for nearly a decade now, as he maliciously twists the truth into a narrative that will net him more money, more influence, and a space at the elbow of our nation’s powerful, self-serving politicians.

It’s all worked out for Carlson so far — enough so, in fact, that he’s now headed on a hate-spewing tour across the same nation he seeks to divide. He’s headed out to several states across the U.S., so people can get up close and personal with the slimy, vacant talking head, and Marjorie Taylor Greene was at the top of the list. She’s already secured a spot next to Carlson on his incoming tour, providing people with the unique opportunity to see two walking, talking turds spread idiocy like it’s COVID-19 in the same sitting.

Live nationwide tour this fall. See you there.

Brought to you by @Sambrosadreams @Swan pic.twitter.com/3lgfqjit4w

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) June 10, 2024

Tucker will be joined by the boorishly bullheaded Greene at his Greenville, South Carolina stop on Sept. 26, marking a strange sort of holiday for the MAGA crowd. They’ll have the chance to see stupid work to outdo itself as the pair of witless boneheads skewer American politics and lie their way through the event, but they’ll have to pay up to do so.

As it turns out, Tucker Carlson tickets aren’t cheap. Even the least expensive tickets — which are still on pre-sale, no less — run more than $50 on Ticketmaster, and for the South Carolina appearance the presale hasn’t even opened yet. Tickets are all but guaranteed to run even more for the dual dingbat appearance, however, likely costing upwards of $100 even for nosebleed seats.

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT @TuckerCarlson is going on tour across the country this September!!

And I’ll be joining him on September 26th in Greenville, South Carolina!!

Presale starts TOMORROW at 10AM ET (Code: usa2024): https://t.co/RsJNGcyiEo pic.twitter.com/p9Ve44fbes

— Marjorie Taylor Greene (@mtgreenee) June 10, 2024

Every seat in that South Carolina arena is likely to prompt nosebleeds, unfortunately, once two of the dumbest people this nation has to offer start spewing their nonsense. It’s like Captain Planet but the only thing these blowhards summon when combining forces is a disappointing dumpster fire from Queens.

It won’t be cheap to make this particular meeting of the melted minds, but those tickets are still likely to sell out quick. Both Greene and Carlson are popular in the lowest circle of American hell, and they’ll pull in plenty of interest from the mindless MAGA minions who helped provide them a platform in the first place.

A word to the wise: If you find yourself in South Carolina in late September, steer well clear of the Bon Secours Wellness Arena.

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