The second season of ‘Arcane’ will once again prove its untouchable storytelling prowess

The second season of ‘Arcane’ will once again prove its untouchable storytelling prowess

Zack Snyder may have announced the Rebel Moon Snyder Cut release dates today, but it turns out that a much bigger, much more nutritious surprise was gearing up to gank the Netflix spotlight.

Indeed, Arcane — one of the single most acclaimed Netflix originals ever, and a pillar of this new era of good video game adaptations — has released the trailer for its second season, and the time we’ve spent away from Vi and company looks to have been more than worth it.

Following Jinx’s deadly attack on the Piltover council that left many dead, the civil unrest between Piltover and Zaun is about to come to its deadliest front yet, with Vi joining the enforcer ranks as Jinx and other agents of Silco continue to lurk in the shadows. The cherry on top is the promise of a truly heartwrenching confrontation between the two former sisters; an action sequence that will no doubt be an unmitigated masterclass in combining combat and emotional weight.

The real question then; how could you possibly follow a season like this?

Will there be a season three of Arcane?

That’s just it; you don’t. Season two will wrap up Arcane in a tight, gorgeous, explosive bow, with the above trailer confirming that this is the final chapter for this particular story.

But this new frontier for the League of Legends mythos has only just begun; Christian Linke, co-creator of Arcane, was all too pleased to let us know in an official dev update that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Runeterra on the small screen (and the big screen isn’t an entirely hollow dream, either). Indeed, expect this train to keep chugging along at the healthiest pace possible.

For now, though, we can still look ahead to the second and final season of Arcane, which hits Netflix sometime in November.

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