Red Velvet’s long-awaited 2024 comeback date, confirmed

Red Velvet’s long-awaited 2024 comeback date, confirmed

It’s nearly been ten years since Red Velvet debuted on the K-pop scene, and the band is commemorating the occasion with a brand new album release.

While Red Velvet’s 2023 was marked by the release and promotions for their fourth studio album Chill Kill, 2024 is going to be all about Red Velvet’s 10-year anniversary and their upcoming mini album Cosmic.

Irene, Yeri, Wendy, Joy, and Seulgi haven’t revealed much about what ReVeLuvs can expect from the release, but the title and the few images that have been made available tease a possible Sailor Moon-esque concept, mixing a cute sailor aesthetic with magical and cosmic themes.

Red Velvet Cosmic release schedule, confirmed

Red Velvet ‘Cosmic’

➫ 2024.06.24 6PM KST#레드벨벳 #RedVelvet#코스믹 #Cosmic#RedVelvet_Cosmic pic.twitter.com/7LXD4my4eN

— Red Velvet (@RVsmtown) June 9, 2024

SM provided the much-anticipated release schedule for Cosmic on Wednesday, immediately hyping up fans for several music videos and a special, mysterious event. Also mysterious is the art that accompanied the schedule which featured photos of the members with their faces blurred out and teased a photoshoot with the title “Mysterious Hotel.” It seems like the band is doubling down on the creepy factor after their blood-soaked “Chill Kill” music video from 2023.

The packed schedule culminates with Cosmic‘s release on June 24, followed by what fans have speculated might be a special celebratory event for the group’s milestone 10th anniversary called “Happiness: My Dear, ReVeluv in SEOUL.” “Happiness” is the name of Red Velvet‘s debut single, released all the way back in 2014, with this secretive event being slated for Aug. 3 and 4, only two days after the group’s debut date of Aug. 1. International fans, however, are honing in on the “and more” bit of the announcement which they are hoping means either upcoming concerts or fan meets outside of South Korea.

Check out the full schedule below.

Red Velvet ‘Cosmic’ – Travel Document

2024.06.24 6PM KST#레드벨벳 #RedVelvet#코스믹 #Cosmic#RedVelvet_Cosmic pic.twitter.com/3pm76KQaTP

— Red Velvet (@RVsmtown) June 10, 2024

Jun. 12: IMAGE TEASING: Mysterious Hotel 1, 2

Jun. 13: IMAGE TEASING: Mysterious Hotel 3, 4

Jun. 14: Mood clip

Jun. 17: Album details

Jun. 18: IMAGE TEASING: Midnight Sun “Never Say Goodnight”

Jun. 19: IMAGE TEASING: Midnight Sun 2, 3

Jun. 20: IMAGE TEASING: Midnight Sun 4, 5

Jun. 21: Trailer

Jun. 23: Music video teaser/teaser image

Jun. 24: Release

Aug. 03-04: “Happiness: My Dear ReVeluv in Seoul and more”

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