‘I hope I haunt his dreams’: Retail employee had the perfect mic drop moment when she was screamed at by an irate customer

‘I hope I haunt his dreams’: Retail employee had the perfect mic drop moment when she was screamed at by an irate customer

Retail jobs are not for the weak. Everyone you know who has worked retail knows the unimaginable and inexplicable rage that customers carry with them each and every time they come into a store.

Retail workers have a million horror stories of being screamed at and terrorized while chanting “the customer” is always right in the back of their heads. Every retail worker hopes, prays, wishes, and waits for the moment they can serve rude, bratty customers the perfect comeback on a silver platter, shutting them up for good. Becco found that opportunity and ran with it, and now she’s sharing her retail worker success story on TikTok.

When she worked at a checkout girl, a male customer approached her screaming and demanding she get him a cart. But, she didn’t hear him so naturally she didn’t respond. When he kept yelling, finally asking her if she was deaf, she had the perfect opportunity to slide off her hearing aids, show them to him, and say yeah, actually I am. Needless to say, that shut him all the way up.

This, apparently, is a moment long awaited for many Deaf and Hard of Hearing service workers. Several people chimed in in the comments section, sharing their experiences pulling out their hearing aids in a moment of revenge. A couple of people did have the moment backfire, though. One girl pulled out hers only to receive hundreds of questions about how they work. Another thought they served the perfect comeback only to find out that the person wasn’t being rude but genuinely curious. Others are still waiting to pull out this genius one-liner.

More people had their own comeback story, including a girl who was told to smile more the day after her dad died. So, she told the customer she would but her dad died. That shut them up real quick. One was asked if he was blind and he said legally, he was, and the customer apologized so profusely it was embarrassing.

Becco said that the experience was so satisfying, and this man’s reaction was so shocked and embarrassed, that she hoped she would haunt his dreams and his nightmares. So does her audience, especially those who have used this method of attack before. Who knows, a traumatizing moment with a retail worker may finally teach them how to behave when they’re out and about.

As for those still waiting for the perfect time to embarrass a rude customer — the nature of the industry suggests comeuppance is sure to come sooner or later. Let the dream haunting commence.

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