Georgia peach pit Marjorie Taylor Greene enters her ‘MAGA grandma’ era with talks of ‘MURDER’ and, gasp, impeachment

Georgia peach pit Marjorie Taylor Greene enters her ‘MAGA grandma’ era with talks of ‘MURDER’ and, gasp, impeachment

Marjorie Taylor Greene hasn’t quite joined Lauren Boebert in becoming a grandmother, but that’s not stopping her from entering her MAGA grandma era.

She’s always had the mental acuity of a brain-addled nonagenarian, but it seems Greene is finally embracing her role as MAGA’s conspiracy-touting granny. It really fits her like a glove, if you think about it: She believes anything she reads online, refuses to budge on a single opinion, no matter how obviously false, and she’s utterly obsessed with someone who was already pushing 60 when he first got popular on television two decades ago. She’s the far-right’s own Nana Karen, and she’ll never let any of us forget about it.

Greene’s approach to politics typically sees her seize upon any range of issues she can pin on Democrats and screech about it until something new catches her attention. The latest target of Greene’s unceasing ire is D.C. District Attorney Matthew Graves, whose dedication to preventing another insurrection has landed him in Greene’s crosshairs.

Since all those calls to let Trump off scott-free and ignore the people who stormed our capitol in 2021 have fallen on deaf ears, Greene’s turning to the next logical option in her warped excuse for a “mind.” Impeachment is a favorite of hers, and one she’s leaned on several times already, so who’s surprised that she’s once again whipping it out?

Now Greene wants to impeach Graves, and all due to his continued efforts to “hunt down and persecute new January 6 protestors” — interesting how they’re protestors but those who support Black Lives Matter are “criminals” and “rioters” — and his refusal “to prosecute real criminals who MURDER grandmas in Washington, DC.”

She also hilariously includes a note that among the Jan. 6 insurrectionists are at least a few “MAGA grandmas.” It’s a weird stance, but Marge is a weird gal. She seems to think Graves is an easier target than any of the other people she’s tried to impeach, and she’s particularly stirred up by the claim that he let that grandma murderer she mentioned earlier off with just an unarmed carjacking.

Matthew Graves is continuing to hunt down and persecute new January 6 protestors every single day, including MAGA grandmas, but refuses to prosecute real criminals who MURDER grandmas in Washington, DC.

This is two-tiered justice and Matthew Graves must be impeached.

— Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (@RepMTG) June 11, 2024

It’s not a decision everyone will understand, and it’s not even necessarily the right decision on Graves’ part, but if Marge thinks she’s going to change anything by joining the conversation she hasn’t been paying attention. Even her own colleagues have started to realize that Greene has a tendency to poison anything she touches, and with Marge against him, Graves is likely to get more popular, rather than less.

There are plenty of real, substantial things Greene could be doing with her time — and those tax dollars we pay her with — but she remains an utterly useless member of Congress. She spends her days attacking everyone in sight, from her opponents to her own allies, and signing onto Tucker Carlson’s cursed tour rather than committing even a moment of her time to efforts that could actually help this country.

Then again, given her aforementioned tendency to poison everything she touches, maybe that’s a good thing. If Greene ever were to attempt something good, it would likely crumble to pieces before our very eyes, so maybe she’s helping us all by staying as far from politics as her loud mouth will allow.

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