Fan debate: Which will drop first? ‘Euphoria’ season 3, Cardi B’s CB2 or Rihanna’s new album?

Fan debate: Which will drop first? ‘Euphoria’ season 3, Cardi B’s CB2 or Rihanna’s new album?

They say good things come to those who wait, but some fans are waiting longer than others. Even more, if they’re expecting the new Euphoria season, or Rihanna and Cardi B‘s highly-anticipated albums.

The critically acclaimed HBO original drama Euphoria premiered in 2019. The series returned in late 2020 and early 2021 with two special episodes, and season 2 premiered in 2022. Fans have been asking many questions about the highly anticipated season 3, but so far, there’s no official release date or confirmation that will really happen.

As for Rihanna and Cardi B, fans have been waiting for new albums for years. Cardi B has had many hits so far, including “WAP,” “I Like It,” and “Like What,” but she has only released one studio album. Her debut, Invasion of Privacy, premiered in 2018. Since then, fans have been begging for a new album, tentatively known as CB2. Cardi has been teasing that she is working on a new album since she released her first, revealing that she had five songs that didn’t fit with the theme of her debut, and continued teasing a new album every so often, yet nothing materialized.

As for Rihanna, the hitmaker has been busy with many Fenty business ventures. Her last studio album was 2016’s ANTI, and she has been focused on building her business empire, becoming a billionaire, and a mom. Rihanna confirmed several times that she was working on new music, but her last album was almost eight years ago.

Why do fans debate which one will happen faster?

‘R9’ update! Rihanna reveals she is “starting over” and is NOW prepared to go in the studio to work on her highly-anticipated album. #FentyHair

— Entertainment Tonight (@etnow) June 11, 2024

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight to promote her new Fenty line, Fenty Hair, Rihanna confirmed that she is preparing to go into the studio to work on her ninth album. The “Love on the Brain” superstar explained, “Music for me is a new discovery. I’m re-discovering things. I have been working on the album for so long that I kinda put all that stuff aside and now I’m prepared to go back into the studio.” She continued that she wanted to “go back and listen to stuff with new ears, with my new perspective, and then see what still applies and what I’m still in love with.”

While any update about Rihanna’s new album, known as R9, is exciting, fans are tired of all the teasing. Rihanna has been teasing new music for years, and the last thing fans got was the song “Lift Me Up,” recorded for 2022’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. With no official release date in mind, fans have found a new debate: which will drop first? Will Euphoria premiere its third season first, or will Cardi and Rihanna release their much-expected albums?

User @Dorrky_Cabello started the debate on X (formerly known as Twitter), and fans have been replying with some funny, yet relatable answers. While some weighed in on which of the three would happen first, others got even more creative.

Trick question.
R9 Never dropping
Euphoria will be cancelled
CB2 will be shelved along with CB

— TheMagicStarship (@MagicStarship) June 11, 2024

GTA 6 coming out before her next album is actually insane

— …… (@potstickers69) June 11, 2024

Blue Ivy album gonna drop first

— Pisces King (@PiscesTalk) June 11, 2024

Frank ocean (I’m Delusional)

— Twizzler2 (@Twizzler2ndAcc) June 11, 2024

Some people guessed TS13 since Taylor Swift has released four studio albums in the last four years, others joked that the popular games GTA VI or The Sims 5 would happen before any of the suggestions. To be honest, betting on any of them feels like Sophie’s Choice.

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