Australia to send $10 million more aid to Gaza

Australia to send $10 million more aid to Gaza

Australia will send a further $10 million in humanitarian aid to Gaza as the Israel-Hamas conflict grinds on.

The funding will go to the World Food Program, which is aiding civilians in Gaza facing the risk of famine.

Minister for Youth Dr Anne Aly announced the additional aid at an international conference to address the ongoing crisis in the embattled region.

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“Israel must allow aid to flow at scale, as ordered by the International Court of Justice,” Aly said.

“We thank Egypt, Jordan and the United Nations for bringing the world together in support of civilians in Gaza. The suffering of Palestinian civilians cannot continue.”

Since the October 7 surprise attack by Hamas, in which 1200 Israelis were killed and some 200 more kidnapped, Australia has committed $72.5 million in humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

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Israel’s invasion of Gaza, with the stated aim of destroying Hamas and freeing the Israeli hostages, has so far killed more than 36,000 people, according to Palestinian health authorities.

“Australia continues to press for a ceasefire, for humanitarian aid to reach Gazans in desperate need, and for hostages to be released,” Foreign Minister Penny Wong said.

“We support the ceasefire endorsed by the UN Security Council and want to see it fully implemented by both parties. Any delay will only see more lives lost.”

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