An uninvited shark swims past robots and a fire-breathing reptilian to take a bite out of Netflix’s #1 spot

An uninvited shark swims past robots and a fire-breathing reptilian to take a bite out of Netflix’s #1 spot

Two sci-fi hits in the form of Real Steel and Godzilla Minus One have been dethroned from Netflix‘s number one spot by an unlikely new contender.

Both movies have been doing brilliantly recently on the streaming platform. But at the time of writing, Godzilla Minus One and Real Steel have come across an enemy they can’t defeat, at least so far. It’s a movie called Under Paris, which released on June 5, and is now the most-watched on Netflix, according to FlixPatrol. Similarly to the other two mentioned films, this one has a fair bit of science fiction in it, though, it takes things to another level.

Netflix couldn’t possibly choose a better timeframe to release Under Paris due to the Olympic Games Paris 2024, which are set to begin on July 26. The streaming platform’s decision to launch Under Paris now is a bullseye since it takes place during the event, and obviously, as you probably figured out, is set in the French capital.

The plot, however, is something truly special. It follows a story of Sophia, a brilliant scientist, and Mika, a young environmental activist. The duo discover that the Seine, the river that divides Paris in two, is haunted by… a giant shark.

We’ve seen movies about sharks terrorizing popular beaches and even films about ancient sharks coming back to face the toughest humans on Earth (you can’t say Jason Statham doesn’t look bulky). These often do well because people like stories where others are eaten by sharks, I guess. But we also love happy endings, so eventually Statham or another group of sharknemesises comes out victorious.

With that in mind and the fact that media coverage around the Olympic Games is starting to rise, we can’t say we’re surprised with Under Paris’ success after its premiere. And honestly, we may help keeping it in the number one spot, because we need to know how on earth that shark ended up in the center of Western Europe’s river.

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