‘Why are we still doing this?’: New anti-vaping campaign unveiled

‘Why are we still doing this?’: New anti-vaping campaign unveiled

The Federal Government has just unveiled its latest anti-smoking campaign, with its main focus on encouraging millions to kick the vaping habit.

Health Minister Mark Butler said the $63.4 million ‘Give Up For Good’ campaign would help raise awareness of the health harms of smoking and vaping.

The campaign will use advertisements on TikTok, gaming and other platforms to communicate the harmful impacts of vaping.

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National data from 2022-23 showed one in every six high school students had recently vaped – four times the rate of students five years earlier.

About 3.3 million Australians reported vaping and or smoking in 2022.

One of the first anti-vaping advertisements shows teenagers gathering together, where vaping would be common such as at school, with friends or alone.

It asks viewers the question, “Why are we still doing this?”.

“Nicotine is highly addictive and before you know it, what starts as an occasional thing becomes something much more serious. But it’s never too late to quit,” Butler said.

“All Senators now have the once-in-a-generation opportunity and responsibility to act to safeguard the health of young Australians for generations to come.

“The best time to have done this would have been five years ago, but the second-best time is now.”

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Alongside the launch of the public health campaign, support services helping people quit will also be expanded.

This includes funding for Quitline services, the development of an online cessation hub and the redevelopment of the My QuitBuddy app.

“We’re here to help all Australians quitting smoking or vaping. Our new digital hub will evolve to meet the needs of young people, those most targeted by the insidious Big Tobacco industry, intent on hooking a new generation of customers on nicotine,” Quit Director Rachael Andersen said.

“We want to remind people they’re not alone in giving up for good. Quit services are culturally safe, they’re inclusive, non-judgemental and free. So whether it’s your first attempt to quit, or your tenth, we’re here to support you.”

The advertising will run across television, social media, radio, cinema among other places until December.

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