What is the ‘Practical Magic 2’ release date?

What is the ‘Practical Magic 2’ release date?

While Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock have starred in more movies than we could ever count, they’re beloved for starring in Practical Magic. We’re jumping up and down with the news that there will be a sequel, and we want to know the release date.

Adapted from Alice Hoffman’s 1995 novel, Practical Magic was released in 1998. Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock played sisters Gillian and Sally Owens, who are hiding the fact that they’re witches. Now that we have the great news there will be a sequel to this amazing movie about witches, we need to know when Practical Magic 2 will come out.

When can we see Practical Magic 2 in theaters?

Screenshot via Warner Bros. Pictures

While we wish we could see the sequel today (okay, we would settle for tomorrow), there is no release date for Practical Magic 2 just yet. On June 10th 2024, Variety reported that Warner Bros. will be making Practical Magic 2, and that stars Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock will likely come back.

At the moment, the actors are still negotiating, and there are no official contracts just yet. If they do sign on (and it seems likely they will), then the script still has to be penned, the rest of the cast has to be put in place, and of course, the movie has to be filmed. Then we’ll get an official release date.

Practical Magic was released on October 16th, 1998, and it’s hard not to hope for a fall release date for the sequel. We can see ourselves grabbing a PSL on the way to the theater… and maybe wearing a great new sweater that we bought back in the summertime when we were already dreaming of September and October.

There are no details about the Practical Magic 2 plot, either, but we can assume that some time has passed since the original movie’s ending, and Gillian and Sally are likely older now. Kidman starred in the original as a thirtysomething, but now several decades have passed since Practical Magic was released. Of course, the sisters will probably still deal with all the problems that they did in the first movie. While they might be allowed to be witches out in the open now, that doesn’t mean that balancing romance and family with casting spells is easy.

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